DPS RK Puram Fees 2024-25

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DPS RK Puram charges a one-time admission fee and an annual charge for students of Class Nursery to Class 12. In addition, parents have to pay monthly tuition fees for their children. Further, there is a science fee associated with students of Classes 11 and 12 of this Delhi Public School branch. All these charges are part of DPS RK Puram fees for students pursuing the CBSE curriculum at this eminent institution. Whereas, for Cambridge curriculum students, there is no additional science fee. Further, the reputed branch of DPS also charges transportation fees and hostel charges for students availing of these services. 

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DPS RK Puram Fees for 2023-24

The school charges admission fees, tuition fees, and annual charges for Class Nursery to Class 12 students. Also, parents of Classes 11 and 12 students have to deposit science fees annually. In addition, DPS RK Puram also levies transportation fees on students availing bus services. Furthermore, the school also offers hostel facilities, which have boarding and hostel charges associated with it. 

Admission Charges and Tuition Fees

The table below contains the details of each fee type for each class.

Admission FeeINR 35,200
Annual Tuition Fee for Nursery to Class 12INR 1,38,000 (INR 11,500 per month)
Annual Charge for NurseryINR 36,665
Annual Charges for Prep to Class 8INR 38,465
Annual Charges for Class 9 to Class 12INR 36,665
Science Fee for Classes 11 and 12
(Humanities/Commerce with Computer Science)
INR 2,500
Science Fee for Classes 11 and 12 (Science with Biotechnology/Biology/Economics/Physical Education)INR 2,100
Science Fee for Classes 11 and 12 (Science with Computer Science)INR 4,600

Bus Fee

Just like every other Delhi Public School, DPS RK Puram also provides transportation facilities to its students. A separate fee is applicable for different distance ranges. Here are the DPS RK Puram fees for bus services.  

DistanceMonthly FeeFee for each academic year (11 months)
Outside DelhiINR 6,650INR 73,150
Upto 8 kmINR 4,000INR 44,000
Between 8 km to 15 kmINR 4,700INR 51,700
Between 16 km to 22 kmINR 5,350INR 58,850
Above 22 kmINR 6,200INR 68,200

Hostel Fees

Here are different payment amounts for hoteliers of DPS RK Puram:

Hostel Admission Fee INR 50,000
Hostel Annual ChargesINR 1,20,900
Annual Boarding FeeINR 2,58,500 (INR 23,500 per month for 11 months)

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DPS RK Puram Cambridge International Curriculum Fees 2023-24

In addition to the CBSE Curriculum, DPS RK Puran offers the Cambridge International Curriculum for interested students. Parents of these students are also required to deposit admission fees, tuition fees, and annual charges. Unlike fees of CBSE students, fees of Cambridge curriculum students are the same for all the classes. 

Admission Charges and Tuition Fees

Here are the DPS RK Puram fees for students of the Cambridge International curriculum. 

Admission FeeINR 35,200
Monthly Tuition Fee for
Class Nursery to Class 12
INR 11,500 for 12 months
(i.e. INR 1,38,000 per annum)
Annual Charge for Class Nursery to Class 12INR 86,465

Bus Fee

Here are the transportation fees for students residing in different parts of the city and neighbouring areas.

DistanceMonthly FeeFee for each academic year (11 months)
Outside DelhiINR 6,650INR 73,150
Upto 8 kmINR 4,000INR 44,000
Between 8 km to 15 kmINR 4,700INR 51,700
Between 16 km to 22 kmINR 5,350INR 58,850
Above 22 kmINR 6,200INR 68,200

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DPS RK Puram Fees Payment Mode

There is no bank fee associated with fees paid via PAYU transactions. However, parents of Delhi Public School RK Puram students need to pay bank charges on fees paid via SBIePay transactions. 

Bank Charges

Here are different modes of payment and associated transaction charges:

Payment ModeCharges per transaction
Cash payment at any SBI BranchINR 60 
SBI Debit CardNil
Other Debit CardsNil
RuPay Debit CardNil
SBI Internet Banking INR 5 + GST
Internet Banking of Other BanksINR 10 + GST
Credit Card0.90% of the Amount Transferred + GST

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General Instructions

Here are some instructions for parents of DPS RK Puram students. 

  • Payment of the monthly fee must be made by the 10th of each month.
  • Cash payments for the fee will not be accepted.
  • DPS RK Puram fees can be settled through online methods (Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking), Cheque, Demand Draft, or NEFT/RTGS.
  • If a cheque is returned unpaid by the bank, a penalty of INR 200 will be imposed.
  • Any discrepancies in the Fee Bill should be reported to [email protected] within 10 working days from the Due Date.
  • Starting from Class 6 onwards, School Transport Fees will be applicable for both Economically Weaker Section (EWS) and General Category students. If a student opts out of the school transport, advance notice to the authorities is required.
  • Requests to discontinue the transport service will not be accepted after October. If a student uses the transport facility until November, transport charges for December to March will not be refunded even if the service is discontinued.
  • In case of a discrepancy where a debit is made but the payment does not reflect on the fee portal during online payment, please refrain from making the payment again. Sometimes, due to technical issues, transactions may not upload automatically. In such cases, the transaction will be manually uploaded after receiving credit information from the bank, which will take at least three working days.
  • For students in Classes 10 and 12, DPS RK Puram fees up to the month of March must be settled by January 10th to complete the clearance process.
  • New admissions will be charged the school fee from the start of the session (April). Upon submission of the School Leaving Certificate, Tuition fees will be charged from the month of admission or the ‘school leaving date/fee paid up to month’ mentioned on the Transfer Certificate, whichever is earlier.
  • All hostel residents are required to pay the hostel fee in advance as per the provided schedule. Withdrawal from the hostel is not permitted during the academic year, and no fee refunds will be given in case of withdrawal.

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What is the tuition fee for DPS RK Puram Class 11 students?

Parents of Class 11 students need to pay INR 11,500 per month as a tuition fee. It is for the CBSE curriculum. On the other hand, the Cambridge curriculum students have to deposit INR 11,500 for 12 months. 

What is the DPS RK Puram Bus fee?

For distances up to 8 km, between 8 to 15 km, between 16 km to 22 km, and outside Delhi, the monthly transportation fees are INR 4,000, INR 4,700, INR 5,350, INR 6,200, and INR 6,650, respectively. 

What are the hostel charges for DPS RK Puram?

Parents need to transfer INR 50,000 as hostel admission fee; INR 1,20,900 as hostel annual charges, and INR 2,58,500  as annual boarding fee. These charges are only for students who avail of boarding at DPS RK Puram.

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