Paternity Leave Letter: Format and Samples

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Numerous employees expect a child and require leave to bear or care for the child. Usually, this type of leave is called maternity, paternity, or adoption, as per the circumstances. If you are expecting a baby soon, requesting a leave would be extremely helpful. However, writing a perfect paternity leave to convey your message to employers can be tricky. If you want to know more about the Paternity Leave letter format and samples, paternity leave, how to write a paternity leave, and much more, then Keep Reading!

What is Paternity Leave Letter?

`A paternity leave letter is a document that informs your employers that you intend to take paternity leave for the birth, aftercare, or adoption of a child. While some businesses prefer employees need not write an actual application for paternity leave, you must write a letter informing them about all your plans. However, most businesses prefer a more detailed description of your plans, including plans for managing the work when unavailable. All you are required to do while writing a paternity leave letter is to focus on portraying your reason to the employer. 

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Paternity Leave Provisions In India 

Currently, there is no legislation for paternity leave benefits in India. However, the Central Government has made various provisions for paternity leave in the Central Civil Services Leave Rules. As per these rules, all male Central Government employees, including those apprentices, can take leave for more than 15 days. However, the parents must be legally married for the father to avail of this paternity leave.

Another condition to avail of this paternity leave is to have less than two children to be eligible.

Further, these employees must avail of paternity leave within six months before or after the due date of their child. 

There are no mandatory legal provisions for paternity leave in private and unorganised sectors in India. While many multinational companies have included this policy, many private companies and businesses may or may not do. 

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Paternity Leave Format 

To help you with the format of Paternity leave letter, here is the Format for Paternity Leave Letter; 

Subject; (Application for Paternity Leave)





A short thank you note for the reader who acknowledges the leave


Your full name

Job position 



To help you in writing a perfect paternity leave letter here is the samples that you may refer to; 

Sample 1 

Subject: Application for Paternity Leave 

Respected Nancy, 

I am writing to inform you about the recent birth of my daughter. She was born on February 26, and my daughter and wife, Sati, are doing well. My parents would’nt be able to be there to look after them for 15 days. Thus I plan to take leave from March 8 to March 23, although this plan may change depending on my wife’s and child’s health. 

I understand you will pay only two weeks; however, I intend to use unpaid leave for additional leave.

Please let me know as soon as you approve my paternity leave request. 

Thank you for your consideration and valuable time.


Yashika Dutta 

Sample 2 

Subject; Application for Paternity Leave 

Dear Aaron, 

As discussed earlier, my spouse and I expect our first child in March. Thus I would like to request paternity leave for this occasion. The due date for the baby’s birth is March 17, and I intend to take 15 days before my birth and four weeks following the birth. If the plan goes well, this would mean that my leave will start on March 2, and I will return to work on April 15. 

Before leaving, I intend to complete all the tasks due during my absence from work. I would be ecstatic to discuss handling any task I cannot complete for any reason. If circumstances change or the timing for my absence needs to be changed, I will update you as soon as possible so that we can plan everything accordingly. 

Please let me know at your earliest if my paternity leave is approved. 

Thank you, 

Deion Maynard

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Tips and Tricks for Writing a Paternity Leave Letter

To help you write a professional paternity leave letter, here are some of the tricks and tips you can use for writing. 

  • Plan your letter: Planning plays a vital role when writing as it benefits you to prepare the structure and provides you with a basic idea about your Paternity leave letter. To sound more confident, include the leave you want to take, leaving date, returning date, the last shift, emergency contact details, etc.
  • Writing Your Request: the first paragraph usually includes the reason for writing a letter. However, you must include leaving and return dates as it provides employer information about the duration you will not be available. 
  • Elaborate on your reasons: In the second paragraph, you must consider writing the reasons for writing a paternity leave letter in detail. Most employees prefer to know the reasons for your leave request so that they can arrange for someone to replace you when you are absent. 
  • Reassure: At the end of the email, do not forget to craft a reassuring statement to help the employer to plan work schedules. You can also mention who might replace your position and accomplish daily tasks. 
  • Thank You: it is no longer a secret that Thank You can do wonders; thus, you must include Thank You. mentioning this phrase shows professionalism and dedication to your organization. 


Q. How do I write a paternity leave letter?

Ans. In three weeks, we will welcome our first child into the world. As a result, I’d like some time off. Therefore, I request a 15-day leave of absence to care for the mother and the child.

Q. Is paternity leave beneficial or harmful?

Ans. In the workplace, paternity leave should be expected. The workplace will encourage healthy family relationships by giving new fathers the chance to connect with their children and partners. In a similar vein, providing workers with this benefit is beneficial to businesses.

Q. Who covers paternity leave costs?

Ans. The government will pay you paternity pay if you intend to take one or two weeks of paternity leave. Depending on which is lower, this is either £156.66 per week or 90% of your average weekly earnings. Additionally, there is a possibility that your employer has a paternity program.

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