20 Fun Maths Quiz Questions With Answers

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Maths Quiz Questions with Answers

When I was studying in school, maths was one of the toughest subjects for me and I know most students struggle. But, if you start understanding the concepts and stay consistent in practising and solving maths questions, then you might not face the same level of difficulty. Here in this blog, I have designed simple maths quiz questions for you to practice, along with their answers provided at the end of this blog. Students belonging to classes 6 to 10 can easily solve these maths quiz questions and analyze their performance. So let’s start the quiz and test our mathematical ability!

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Format of Maths Quiz

Before starting the quiz, you need to understand the format. Here I have provided 4 options for a question just like an MCQ and you need to select the correct answer for the given question. These questions are designed on the basis of fundamental concepts of mathematics that include basic arithmetic and geometric questions.

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Online Maths Quiz Questions With Answers

Here is a simple maths quiz, let us answer the questions based on simple arithmetic and geometric concepts:


#1. What is the sum of 20+200+2000?

#2. 100 times of 8 is equal to

#3. 1331 divide by 11 is

#4. Find the missing numbers in multiples of 14: 14, 28, 42, 56, ?, 84, 98, 112, ?, 140

#5. 10+(80÷2) is equal to:

#6. What is the product of 10000*200*0*22*30?

#7. What is the next prime number after 13?

#8. What is 6% of 24000?

#9. How many faces does a triangular prism have?

#10. What is the value of Pi?

#11. What is the value of sin(π/2)?

#12. What is the inverse sine of 0.5?

#13. Measurement of time is based on which of the following number system?

#14. Is -5 an integer? Yes or No.

#15. Solve the following equation: -15 + (-5x)=0.

#16. Find the area of a triangle with sides 8 cm, 10 cm, and angle θ = 60°.

#17. What is the value of sin 30°?

#18. What is the value of cos 30°?

#19. What is the value of tan 90°?

#20. sin2θ + cos2θ=?


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Answer Key

12 a

Hope you have fun solving these Maths Quiz Questions. For more information about such informative articles, check the trending events page of Leverage Edu.

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