UPES Placements 2023: Average Package, Recruiters and More

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UPES Placements

UPES placements data 2023 is released by the University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun including other statistics. As per the latest report, till May 2023 the highest package and average package offered to School of Computer Science students was INR 36 LPA and INR 8.66 LPA, respectively.

Further, the highest package and average package offered to MBA students were INR 27.83 LPA and INR 8.12 LPA, respectively. In addition to this, the highest package and average package offered to School of Design students during 2023 placements were INR 12.50 LPA and INR 7.22 LPA, respectively. In this blog, we will talk about UPES placements for 2023 which have been offered to the students. 

UPES Placements 2023

Below mentioned is the course-wise average package which was offered during UPES placements 2023.

CourseAverage Package (2023)Highest CTC (2023)
School of Computer ScienceRs 8.66 LakhsRs 36.00 Lakhs
School of EngineeringRs 7.00 LakhsRs 33.00 Lakhs
School of BusinessRs 8.12 LakhsRs 27.83 Lakhs 
School of DesignRs 7.22 LakhsRs 12.50 Lakhs
School of LawRs 5.00 LakhsRs 16.60 Lakhs
School of Health Sciences and TechnologyRs 4.00 LakhsRs 7.00 Lakhs
School of Modern MediaRs 3.50 LakhsRs 4.50 Lakhs

Keep in mind that the data mentioned above for 2023 placements is till February. The data may change once the final placement report for 2023 is out.

UPES Placements 2022

As per placements carried out in 2022, UPES released its official data on its website. The website states, the overall number of students placed in 2021-22 was around 2570+. Around 96.07 per cent of students were placed in 2021-22. 

The highest package offered to the students in 2022 was around 50 LPA. As for the recruiters, more than 690+ visited the campus in 2021-22.

Top Recruiters of UPES Placement

Here is the list of top companies which attended the campus for recruitment:

  • Vedanta
  • Siemens
  • Hyundai
  • Reliance
  • Dr Reddy’s
  • Shell
  • Adani
  • Airbus
  • Deloitte

According to the most recent data, the participating recruiters issued over 2,000 job offers to the class of 2023 from a variety of University degrees, including BTech, MBA, and MTech. The following list includes the salient features of the UPES placements for the classes of 2022 and 2023:

ParticularsPlacement Statistics (2022) Placement Statistics (2023) 
Placement percentage 96.07 per cent 
Highest Package offered Rs 50.09 LPARs 36 LPA
Average Package Offered Rs 8.41 LPA
Total Recruiters 765More than 250+
Total No. of students placed 2,577
Total Offers made 4,057More than 2,000

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One of the top gaming companies in the Netherlands provided the highest placement package, valued at Rs 45 LPA. A CSE student majoring in B.Tech. bagged the bundle. Three other students from the School of Computer Science also received a bundle worth Rs 30 LPA.

UPES Placements Of Last 5 Years

Here is an infographic which lists the placement data for the last 5 years.


Does UPES offer good placements?

Yes, the course B.Tech (Bachelor in Computer Science) is very good. The placement offered to its students is also quite good.

What is the highest package in UPES design?

The highest package offered by UPES is around Rs 12.5 LPA in 2023. While the average package has been around Rs 7.33 LPA. This data has been for the School of Design.

Does UPES accept board marks?

Candidates should keep in mind that UPES provides admission to its students based on JEE Mains score, UPES-EAT score or board percentage.

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