How To Practice Logical Reasoning For CAT Exam? Check Tips and Topics Here

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Wondering how you can practice Logical Reasoning for the CAT exam? Well, to begin with, Logical Reasoning is one of the most important topics in the CAT exam. This section is part of the Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) where each one of them is 60 marks. Logical Reasoning is responsible for testing the mathematical and logical reasoning abilities of a candidate. The difficulty level of the section varies from medium to high level consisting of questions checking the problem-solving ability of the candidate. To help you ace this section, read this blog on how you can practice Logical Reasoning for the CAT exam.

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How To Practice Logical Reasoning For CAT Exam

Finding ways to improve logical reasoning in the CAT exam is necessary for improvement in the subject. The Logical reasoning consists of half of the questions from the DILR section. There are questions based on arguments or inferences and various other types in the DILR section. There are several tips that you can take into consideration to improve logical reasoning for the CAT exam.

Proper Practice

Proper practice of different topics in logical reasoning is required as there are various kinds of questions in the section. Nearly, all the questions are of different formats that require different ways of understanding, and for solving them a proper amount of practice is necessary. Sequentially take every topic and try practising them one by one until you get a better command over them.

Making Use of the Diagrams

Proper use of diagrams in logical reasoning questions helps in solving them in a better way. Use the diagrams wherever possible in the answer to make it easier to solve. Questions related to Syllogism can be solved by drawing a Venn diagram. Additionally, you can create a diagram in the form of a family tree for the Blood Relation type questions. It is crucial to understand the question properly for diagrams and to mark all the directions and arrangements given for solving it effectively. 

Solving Sufficient Questions every day

Set a target for each day for the amount of questions you have to solve every day. You can solve questions according to the days left for the examination. For example, solve 10 questions or 15 questions a day as per your convenience and understanding of the subject. There are several types of questions in Logical Reasoning. Each one requires a different understanding so solving a sufficient amount of questions will make you achieve better marks in the exam. 

Solving Previous Year CAT Exam Papers

Solving previous year’s CAT exam papers is a valuable addition when you are preparing for the CAT exam. Practising the previous year’s papers provides you with an idea of which type of questions you are going to face in the examination and how their level varies. After your preparation is complete according to the syllabus of the Logical Reasoning for CAT exam you can buy some best books for CAT’s previous year’s papers and solve a sufficient amount of questions. 

Solving Different Kinds of Puzzles

Solving the different kinds of puzzles such as Sudoku, crosswords, and word puzzles improves the candidate’s problem-solving skills and memory. The candidates develop an ability to solve logical reasoning-type questions as well as improve their problem-solving, pattern recognition, and other skills through the puzzles. There are some kinds of puzzles in each question of Logical Reasoning for CAT so solving them helps in easily solving the questions related to the subject during the exam.

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Important Topics Logical Reasoning For CAT Exam

Several important topics in Logical Reasoning come in the CAT exam whose level of questions varies. They involve different kinds of questions that check the analytical and reasoning skills of the candidates. So, here are some of the important topics to practice logical reasoning for the CAT exam.

  • Letter Series
  • Number Series
  • Binary Logic
  • Calendars
  • Clocks
  • Cubes
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Seating Arrangement
  • Matching
  • Logical Connectives
  • Logical Sequence
  • Blood Relations
  • Syllogism

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Strategies You Can Follow For Logical Reasoning In the CAT Exam

In the DILR section, there are 20 questions of which 10 questions are from Logical Reasoning and you were given 40 minutes for the section. It means in 20 minutes you have to solve 10 questions of logical reasoning so prepare well keeping in mind the timings allotted to each section. You can follow the given strategies to practice logical reasoning for the CAT exam.

  • Identifying the type of question is an important step when you are going to attempt the logical reasoning section. It can be learned by doing proper practice of the different kinds of questions.
  • If you are getting somewhere stuck while solving a question just leave that for some time and focus on other questions till then as this helps save time for other questions in the exam. You can come back to the question where you get stuck and solve it afterwards.
  • Understand the guidelines and diagrams given in the question properly to solve it correctly. Make sure to do everything neatly and correctly so when you come back to the question again you will not get confused and solve it smoothly.
  • Solve the Logical reasoning questions step by step as it will help you in connecting every step to reach the final answer. Identify the clues and important points given in the question. Don’t use extra and unnecessary information for solving the question just take the data given in the question for solving. 
  • Never waste time on difficult questions just solve the questions you know about first. Always read the options carefully while choosing the correct option. Leave some time for revision of the section.

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What are the important topics for Logical Reasoning in the CAT exam?

Some of the important topics in the CAT exam for logical reasoning are letter and number series, clocks, calendars, seating arrangement, Blood Relation, Syllogism, etc. 

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How To Practice Logical Reasoning For the CAT Exam?

Practice more and more questions related to logical reasoning, solve the previous year’s questions, solve questions every day, set goals, identify the question type, etc. to get better marks in the CAT examination.

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