Important Topics in DILR for CAT with Preparation Tips

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Important Topics in DILR for CAT

Important Topics in DILR for CAT: As usual, CAT 2024 has no predefined syllabus, making it hard for candidates to prepare for the entrance exam. To know CAT’s essential topics, candidates are advised to look at the previous questions, understand the past trends, and solve sample papers. Also, to make it easy for students in this blog post candidates will go through the important topics from DILR, tips to practise for DILR topics and much more.

CAT Exam Section: Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation (DILR)

As per the exam pattern, this section of DILR includes 32 questions in total. According to the CAT topper Rahul Gupta, there are two types of tricky reasoning questions logic and data interpretation which is time-consuming as well. Therefore, to excel in this section, candidates must understand critical topics in Logical Reasoning for CAT, shortcut techniques and tricks to solve them.

  • DILR section desires to test a candidate’s decision-making ability as well as speed using limited input in a limited period of 60 minutes.
  • The logical reasoning section aims to test the understanding of candidates concerning the hidden hints in the question.
  • Candidates must participate in brainstorming sessions, like riddles on blood relations, solving Sudoku, family trees, crossword puzzles, etc., along with other moderate to complex critical topics in LRDI for CAT to score well in this section.
  • Candidates can study the next section mentioning all the logical reasoning and Data interpretation important topics for CAT,  it will help them to prepare well for the exam.

CAT Exam Section: Important Topics for DILR CAT 2024

Below are some of the important LR topics for CAT along with DI. With regular practice of the below-mentioned are some important DILR topics for CAT, candidates can score well in this section.

TopicsExpected Number of QuestionsDifficulty Level
Interests (SI, CI)1 to 2 QuestionsModerately Difficult
Time, Speed, and Distance1 to 2 QuestionsModerately Difficult
Time and Work1 to 2 QuestionsDifficult
Number System, Basic Arithmetic5 to 10 QuestionsModerately Difficult
Probability1 to 2 QuestionsModerately Difficult
Geometry & Mensuration7 to 8 QuestionsModerately Difficult
Permutation & Combination1 to 2 QuestionsEasy
Trigonometry, Logarithms, and Sets1 to 3 QuestionsEasy
Algebra6 to 7 QuestionsModerately Difficult
Profit, Loss, and Discounts1 to 2 QuestionsEasy

Preparation Tips for Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)

CAT 2024 candidates must brush up their skills by starting with the primary-level topics they are already familiar with. Everyone wants to comprehend the important topics for the CAT exam from which questions are likely to come in the exam. To achieve good marks in the CAT 2024 entrance exam, candidates must practice the CAT’s most important topics along with covering all previously asked questions.

For this part, practice important logical reasoning and important topics for CAT as much as you can. Nevertheless, the base setup of questions stays the same. Training from last year’s question papers for CAT and preparing all the DI and LR essential topics for CAT is a must. The DI questions in the paper are calculation-intensive and need good-speed calculations. Candidates must attempt as many CAT mock tests in 2024 as possible. The more candidates practice the questions from DI & LR section the better the result will be.

Important Topics for CAT QA

For the Quantitative Aptitude section of the CAT 2024 exam, there will be a total of 22 questions. Every correct answer will be awarded 3 marks and 1 mark is deducted from every wrong answer. The main topics contain Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetic, Modern Maths, and Number Systems.

Category / ConceptExpected Number of QuestionsSyllabus for CAT 2024
ArithmeticExpected Difficulty: Moderate8-9AveragesInstallmentsMixtures & AlligationPercentagesProfit & LossRatio & ProportionSimple & Compound InterestSpeed, time, and DistanceTime & WorkTrains & Boats
GeometryExpected Difficulty: Moderate5-6Lines & AnglesTriangles & Other PolygonsCirclesQuadrilaterals3-D Mensuration
AlgebraExpected Difficulty: Moderate5-6Algebra BasicsQuadratic EquationsInequalitiesMaxima MinimaLogarithm & ModulusGraphsFunctionsIntegral Solutions
Modern MathematicsExpected Difficulty: Easy3-4Permutation & CombinationProbabilityProgressionsSequences & SeriesSet TheoryVenn Diagram
Number SystemExpected Difficulty: Moderate1-3Complex Numbers DigitsDivisibilityFactorsHigher PowersLCM & HCFRemainder TheoremSurds & IndicesTrailing Zeroes

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Do you think CAT DILR is very tough?

The total number of DILR questions is 20 with both DI and LR having 10 questions each. The difficulty level will be medium to high in the CAT exam 2024. The best source of DILR preparation for CAT is previous years’ CAT question papers and sample papers. Nevertheless, the major thing to keep in mind is how and how many.

Which slot is considered tough in CAT?

CAT 2023 slot 1 was challenging with the VARC section being easier than CAT 2022 while QA was more difficult. The section-wise level of the problem was as follows: VARC: Moderate – challenging; It was easier than last year. DILR: Medium – difficult; Difficulty was the same as last year.

Which slot is easiest for CAT?

The CAT 2023 Slot 3 paper proved to be easier as compared to the other 2 slots. The number system is Quant section had 4 questions this time. Where Modern Math had low to no weightage in the first two slots, 4 questions were asked from the topic in Slot 3.

This was all about the important topics In DILR for CAT. For more informative blogs, check out our Management Exams Section, or you can learn more about us by visiting our Indian exams page of Leverage Edu

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