Best YouTube Channels For CAT Preparation

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Best YouTube Channels For CAT Preparation

Aspirants preparing for the CAT usually search for the best YouTube channels for CAT preparation. They want to learn from the best teachers who can improve their concepts and help them prepare well for the examinations. Taking detailed lectures and preparing notes on the relevant subjects, including topics with higher weightage in the examination helps the students significantly. Every student wants to study from the best YouTube channels for CAT preparation that provide quality education and mentorship to students. 

YouTube Channels for CAT preparations

Finding the best YouTube channel for CAT preparations becomes difficult sometimes for students. They searched different websites and YouTube, clicked on ads, and downloaded apps, but were not able to find the right channel for CAT preparations. Here are some of the best YouTube channels for CAT preparations that will help the students perform well in the examination.

1. CK King

CK King is an educational institution that believes in providing high-quality education to students. It provides mentorship and better preparation for the students. They hire top industry experts and teachers from top business schools who can help students prepare well and clear the cut-off. They ensure that they are providing the students with the right strategy, which should be implemented in the right way. There are different programs available with the channel other than CAT, such as CMAT, NMAT, CET, SNAP, XAT, TISS, and GDPI. The different services that they provide are online coaching, mentorship, classroom classes, and video lectures.

Check Out:

Source: CK King

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2IIM CAT is one of the best YouTube channels for CAT preparations. It offers online assistance as well as study material to the students. There are lots of videos on the channel related to ways to crack CAT and, interestingly, solve questions. The channel was started in 2010 and has 167k subscribers along with more than 2.5k videos that fulfill all the studying needs of CAT aspirants.

Check out:

Source: 2IIM CAT

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3. Unacademy CAT

Unacademy CAT is a popular YouTube channel that provides coaching related to the CAT examination. Some of the best educators in India provide classes at the channel. They cover the complete syllabus, updates, and strategies for the examination. Moreover, they provide notifications related to exams. The educators discuss tricks and tips for cracking the examination. The Unacademy helps the CAT aspirants to prepare for the exam and get benefits from the channel. They provide video lectures prepared by the best faculty helping the students understand every concept easily.

Check out:

Source: Unacademy CAT

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4. Rodha

Rodha is a popular channel that is specially dedicated to the preparation of the CAT exam. They provide video lectures on the channel for sharing different videos on CAT.  The students get complete guidance on the preparation and strategies for cracking the Common Admission Test(CAT). They provide chat sessions, High-quality video classes, and playlists related to different CAT exams. The YouTube channel started in 2018 is having 331k subscribers.

Check out: 

Source: Rodha

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5. Cracku – MBA CAT Preparation

Cracku provides free lectures to students preparing for the CAT examination. The video lectures are free and are taken by IIM Alumni. They cover all the important concepts related to the CAT exam through their videos. The channel provides preparations for the CAT as well as other exams such as XAT, IIFT, SNAP, NMAT, CMAT, MBA MAH-CET, and TISS. Cracku has trained more than a thousand students to get entry into top MBA colleges in the country.

Check out:

Source: Cracku – MBA CAT Preparation

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6. CAT Funda

CAT Funda is a successful channel in India for the preparation of the CAT exam. The channel provides videos of one of India’s top educators who provides daily coaching covering the entire CAT syllabus. It covers all the notifications, strategies, and updates helping students to prepare in a better way. Live sessions are also available to clarify all your doubts regarding the subjects. The channel was founded in 2009 and has more than 50k subscribers.

Check out:

Source: CAT Funda

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7. IMS CAT Prep

IMS CAT Prep is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutes, providing informational videos and strategies to clear the CAT examination. It helps you in the preparations for CAT as well as other Indian exams such as NMAT, XAT,  IIFT & MH-CET. The faculty taking the video lectures are senior mentors and 100 percentiles that help in exam analysis and strategies in a better way. The YouTube channel of IMS India was created in 2020 and has 70.3K subscribers.

Check out:

Source: IMS CAT Prep

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8. BYJU’S Exam Prep: CAT & MBA

BYJU’s exam is one of the best YouTube channels for CAT preparation that provides classes for different Management exams such as CAT, NMAT,  XAT, CMAT, MAHCET, IIFT, SNAP, and other MBA entrance exams. Additionally, they have one of the best faculty that help boost the CAT preparations with detailed discussions on various topics. The live session is provided to the candidates to clarify all their doubts.

Check out:

Source: BYJU’S Exam Prep: CAT & MBA

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9. MBA Made Easy

MBA Made Easy was created by IIM Ahmedabad alumni Ananta Chhajer who helps in interview preparations for CAT. It also helps in improving the performance in the CAT examination and helps in making better career decisions.

Check out:

Source: Ananta Chhajer

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Other Best Youtube Channels for CAT preparations.

We have provided details about some of the best YouTube channels for CAT preparations above. There are some other channels, such as 

  • Bfactory, Endeavor Careers
  • PerfectScores
  • Bodhee Prep CAT Preparation
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How students can get help from YouTube channels for CAT preparation?

Students can take lectures on different subjects of CAT and prepare a better strategy for the exam on YouTube. They can learn from the basics through YouTube and go to the advanced level.

What are the best YouTube channels for preparing for CAT?

Some of the best YouTube channels for the preparation for the CAT are Ck cetking, 2IIM CAT Preparation, Unacademy CAT, Cracku – MBA CAT Preparation, etc.

How can I clear the CAT exam in 90 days?

The aspirants can implement the strategy of 40+30+20. In the first 40 days, they can cover the complete syllabus along with mock tests. The next 30 days are for preparing important topics along with solving the mock and sectional tests. In the last 20 days, they can solve the previous year’s questions and the mock tests.

Which is the best book for preparing for the Logical Reasoning section in CAT?

The best book for preparing for the CAT is the Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation section for CAT by Nishit Sinha.

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