How To Increase Vocabulary For CAT?: Strategies, Books to Read, Best Mobile Apps, and Important Topics

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How To Increase Vocabulary For CAT

Vocabulary is crucial for any entrance exam or in that case, in general as well. While communicating with others, writing, reading etc. One cannot ignore vocabulary, especially if you are preparing for the CAT exam. Vocabulary is a crucial part of the CAT VARC section. You will have to understand the word, its meaning and usage before attempting the VARC questions. To know more about, “How To Increase Vocabulary For CAT?”, continue reading the blog post below. 

How To Increase Vocabulary For CAT in 30 Days? Strategies

If you are willing to ace the VARC section of the CAT exam, having a strong vocabulary is a must. Learning new words every day, and using English for day-to-day conversations are two of the ways to improve your vocabulary. We have a list of strategies you can use to enhance your vocabulary in preparation for the CAT exam. 

  • Reading is one of the easiest ways to enhance your English vocabulary. You can start by reading novels, short stories, daily current affairs, daily newspapers etc.
  • Always keep a pocket dictionary with you while preparing for the exam. If you come across any difficult word, having a dictionary by your side is always helpful. 
  • There are tons of mobile apps available for English preparation. You can download a few and play quizzes in your free time. This activity can be mind-bending for you and always enhance your brainstorming skills. 
  • One of the easiest ways to learn new words is to watch English movies. You can also take the help of the subtitles while watching the movie to understand the story in depth.  
  • Communicating in English is the most effective way to enhance your vocabulary or English speaking skills.

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Why Vocabulary is Important for CAT Exam? 

If you are learning a new language, for instance, English, you must understand the language first. Not only learning a new language is crucial but also opens gates for many opportunities. You’ll always need to express yourself using a variety of English words. Your ability to speak effectively and clearly will be hampered if you don’t develop a suitable vocabulary. Additionally, there’s a potential that you misunderstand or mishear anything if you are less familiar with vocabulary. When there is a barrier in communication, mistakes might be made on the job or in an exam. Therefore, having a strong vocabulary is always a plus point. 

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Best Mobile Apps to Increase Vocabulary for CAT Exam

For those wishing to increase their vocabulary in general or as CAT, GRE, or GMAT, there are several apps available for both Android and iOS devices. We will provide you with a variety of applications which you can install. Increasing your vocabulary can be made easier with the help of these applications. A lot of these apps monitor your performance on tests such as the GRE or GMAT. Moreover, certain apps even assess your proficiency level with a native speaker. Find the names of the mobile apps you can install to improve your English vocabulary. 

Word of the Day WidgetMagoosh Vocabulary Builder
Words with FriendsWord to Word
7 Little WordsDuolingo
HelloTalkRosetta Stone

Best Books to Increase Vocabulary for CAT Exam 

The best books each can refer to for CAT exam vocabulary improvement are listed below. 

Best Books for CAT VocabularyAuthor/Publications
Newspapers Various Publications
Word Power Made Easy Norman Lewis 
The Students’ Companion Wilfred D Best 
How to Build A Better Vocabulary Maxwell Nurnberg & Morris Rosenblum 

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Important Topics to Cover for Vocabulary for CAT 

A few English grammar topics are crucial to improving your vocabulary. You must be well versed with the topics and also the type of questions asked in the examination. Listed below are some topics that you must prepare to improve your vocabulary: 

Analogies or Reverse AnalogiesFacts-Inferences-Judgments
Reading ComprehensionFill in the blanks
Summary QuestionsVocabulary-Based (Synonyms/ Antonyms)
Jumbled ParagraphCloze Passage
Sentence CorrectionEnglish Usage or Grammar

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Why is it Difficult to Learn New Words? 

There are certain words that are simpler to recall than others when learning a new language. The easier words are typically those that are more closely related to your mother tongue. But because Hindi and English do not have the same roots, it can be difficult for you if you are a native speaker of Hindi or any other Indian language. Hindi terms mainly originated from Sanskrit, whereas English words are primarily taken from Latin and Greek. Although there are a few similar terms, however, there aren’t many. The pronunciation of numerous words that have identical spellings but various pronunciations is another aspect of English that makes learning new words challenging.

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How can improve my vocabulary CAT Exam?

Start reading regularly. It is an excellent idea to improve your vocabulary. Also, take simulated exams or vocabulary tests: To gauge your present level of knowledge and monitor your development, take online vocabulary quizzes.

Is vocabulary necessary for the CAT exam? 

Having a strong vocabulary is essential for achieving high scores on the CAT exam. 

Is Arun Sharma good for CAT? 

Arun Sharma books are an ideal choice for the CAT exam. 

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