Which Exam is Easy GRE or GMAT?

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Which Exam is Easy GRE or GMAT?

GMAT and GRE are the most popular entrance examinations taken by students to study abroad. While the GMAT examination is taken to enrol in a business school, the GRE is taken to enrol in several graduate programs including business and law programs. Ever since the business schools started accepting the GRE scores for admission purposes, students have two options- GRE or GMAT. Therefore the most popular question that is asked is ‘Which exam is easy GRE or GMAT?”. Keep reading to learn more about these examinations, their difficulty level, examination patterns, and more.


Differences Between the GMAT and GRE

It is important for a student planning to study abroad to know the difference between GRE and GMAT. The differences will help a student access with examination that is suitable for him/her. Students can also access which exam is easy GRE or GMAT. Therefore the general differences between the exams are given below. 

Accepted byMost graduate programs, including businessMost graduate business programs
Conducted by
LocationOnline or at a testing centerOnline or at a testing center
Length3 hours and 45 minutes, plus one optional 10-minute break3 hours and 7 minutes, plus two optional 8-minute breaks
SectionsAnalytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative ReasoningAnalytical Writing, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, Verbal
Scores good for5 years5 years

GMAT vs. GRE Math Difficulty

Which exam is easy gre or gmat? When it comes to mathematics difficulty GRE is objectively easier. GRE gives importance to textbook maths and GMAT tends to give importance to quantitative reasoning, However, this doesn’t seem to make much difference because the paper will be easier for all the candidates who are taking the examination. As a result, there is no personal advantage to anyone. 

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Preparing for an Exam? Or Preparing for business School?

which exam is easy gre or gmat? GRE and GMAT have the same maths content. However, the GRE contains more geometry questions and the GMAT contains more counting or combinatorics problems.  Moreover, GMAT focuses more on the quantitative reasoning side. Hence. The GRE examination is objectively easier. Students can get away by following the ‘memorize it’ approach.

However. The old-school approach of the GRE is not useful for business schools. Those who prepare for the GMAT examinations have to prepare themselves for the case studies in school, to sit in on a meeting at work, and discuss the marketing strategies and financial numbers coherently. On the other hand. The GRE examination does not prepare a student for all that. Therefore, those who want to get ready solely for the business schools should take the GMAT examinations while others can opt for the GRE exam.

What About the Other Sections?

Candidates who find that vocabulary is their strength can lean towards the GRE examination. Similarly, those who like grammar more can choose the GMAT examination. However, generally, people don’t make the decision based on verbal reasoning. Candidates are more concerned about clearing the integrated reasoning of the GMAT. 

which exam is easy gre or gmat? GMAT examination can prepare a student well for answering case study questions. Hence, those who want to study in a business school should opt for the GMAT. However, this decision should be based on whether the candidate wants to prepare for the business school along with the entrance examination. If not, the candidate can opt for GRE as it also has a similar integrated reasoning section.

Test Structure

Which exam is easy gre or gmat? GMAT examination is question adaptive. That is, candidates will have to answer each question in order. On the other hand, the GRE is section adaptive. That is, the GRE allows candidates to move around or the candidate can choose among the questions in any one section of the exam. The flexibility that the GRE examination allows is not available in the GMAT examination.

Moreover, those who have examination anxiety issues can opt for the GRE. The reason is, that the GMAT has to be answered in order and it can increase examination anxiety.

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GMAT vs. GRE: Which Exam Should I Take?

Which exam is easy gre or gmat? The answer is whichever exam is better for the candidate. GMAT examination is better if the students want to prepare for business school. The reason is those who prepare for the GMAT examinations simultaneously are preparing for business school. On the other hand, those who have extreme examination anxiety can take the GRE examination.

When it comes to the mathematics section, it depends on whether the student prefers textbook mathematical questions or logical reasoning questions asked in GMAT. Those who are still not sure about their strengths and weaknesses can take a mock test to check the same.

Finally, no matter what examination a student has taken it is important to prepare well for the examination. GRE and GMAT examinations both require adequate preparation. Dedicating a minimum of 4-6 months for the examination is essential to clear it. 

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Is it easier to study for the GMAT or GRE?

GRE is easier than the GMAT examination. The reason is that the GMAT has more difficult quantitative questions. However, those who want to demonstrate their quantitative skills can take up the GMAT examination.

Which exam is easy CAT or GMAT or GRE?

GMAT has a more well-defined syllabus and questions. Hence, it is easier to prepare than CAT. Dedicating 90-120 hours of preparation is enough to score 700+ on GMAT. Therefore we can say that the easiest exam is GRE, followed by GMAT, and CAT.

Which is better GMAT or GRE?

Those who have strong logical reasoning and mathematics skills can find GMAT easier. On the other hand, those who have vocabulary as their strength can choose the GRE examination. Hence, the examination better for the candidate is depending on the skills of the candidate.

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