Strategy to Score 99.99 Percentile in CAT 2024 

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How to Score 99.99 Percentile in CAT: No matter how many questions a candidate solves in the CAT exam, your performance is directly impacted by the number of aspirants who have solved more or fewer questions than this. Well, now you must be wondering how many questions you must solve to be able to crack the CAT exam on the first attempt. Well, we have got you covered. One must also remember that the student needs to be very sure about the answer only then they should attempt. Remember, marks are deducted for incorrect answers, not for unattempted answers. Continue reading this blog to know all about how one can score 99.99 percentile in the CAT 2024 exam

How Many Questions to Attempt to Score 99.99 Percentile in CAT 2024?

How to score 99.99 percentile in CAT or how many questions to attempt for a 100 percentile in CAT 2024 is a tough question to answer. There is no accurate number of questions that one can attempt in CAT to score a perfect percentile. This is because, in the past four years, the number of questions has varied from 76 to 66. So, if you are aiming for the 99.99 percentile in the exam, you will have to do more than just attempt a specific number of questions. 

When taking the CAT 2024 exam, one must note that the CAT percentile is influenced by three things:

  • CAT exam pattern and marking scheme
  • Accuracy in solving the number of CAT questions
  • Finally, the CAT normalisation process

CAT Marking Scheme 2024

When preparing for the CAT examination 2024, all candidates must focus on the strategy of targeting a particular score range in the examination from the very beginning. To do so, check out the previous year’s CAT cut-off for admission to your preferred college. Below is the CAT marking scheme:

  • All candidates must note that three marks are awarded for each correct answer, while one mark will be deducted for every wrong answer. Note that there is no penalty for unanswered questions. 
  • Non-MCQs don’t have negative markings, however, they are lengthy and tricky.
  • So, the catch here is to answer only those questions which you are 100 per cent sure of that they will be 100 per cent accurate and will earn full marks. A slight miss and you will lose all the marks. 
  • Finally, the CAT paper never remains the same. Over the last two years, the CAT question paper has seen a lot of changes in terms of exam pattern, questions, marking scheme and much more. 
Pro Tip: Experts suggest that you don’t have to answer all the CAT questions. Attempting some and still getting few marks is the key to the 99.99 percentile. There is no shortcut to getting the 99.99 percentile. It’s all about how accurately one can answer a question in the least amount of time taken.

Tips to Increase Speed and Accuracy in CAT Exam?

With attempting a certain number of questions in the CAT exam, students must be aware of some tips and tricks to increase their speed and accuracy in the CAT exam. Here, we have compiled some of them to help you ace the exam with flying colours. 

  • Practise is the Key: When preparing for the CAT exam, make sure you create a habit of regularly practising sample questions by timing yourself. Then check accuracy and see the amount of time you took to complete the paper. Try doing this, until you attain 100 per cent accuracy in the given amount of time. 
  • No Guess Work: Some people may suggest you do some guesswork or go by your instinct if a particular answer cannot be solved. However, it is suggested not to do so as there might be a chance that you would lose marks to negative marking. Although there is no negative marking for unanswered questions. 
  • Speed Reading RC: When it comes to reading comprehension, many candidates are overconfident, they often speed-read the passages and miss out on important topics. The candidate must read the passage deeply and understand the hidden message
  • Sectional Time Limit: The CAT exam has a sectional time limit for each section. One must note that each section of the CAT exam will be 40 minutes.
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What is the 99.99 percentile?

If a candidate has scored 99.99 percentile marks in an exam, it means he/she has performed 99.99 times better than the rest of the test takers. 

How many people score 99.99 percentile in the CAT?

Only 0.1 per cent of test takers reach the 99.99 percentile. 

What is the lowest percentile for IIM Indore?

It is expected that General category students must reach 90 per cent to get admission to IIM Indore. 

This was all about how to score 99.99 percentile in CAT and the related information. For more informative blogs, check out our Management Exams Section, or you can learn more about us by visiting our Indian exams page.

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