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little flower high school

The future of a child is significantly shaped by their education. They not only offer a setting where kids may study and continuously grow curious about their surroundings, but they also teach kids how to get ready for the future. When choosing a school from the many possibilities available, be selective. It is one of the most significant yet time-consuming tasks. We will walk you through an in-depth review of the Little Flower High School, Hyderabad in this blog. Let’s get started.

History of Little Flower High School

Little flower high school was established in July 1953. The institution’s founding members may not have imagined that it would develop into a landmark in the contemporary city of Hyderabad, despite their noble aims and objectives. It was necessary to establish a platform where the next generation could have a quality education and exposure at the same time as Andhra Pradesh was establishing its new identity. The school was established by the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel with Rev. Bro. Britto serving as its first Principal under the capable direction of Rev. Bro. John of God. As a result, the new institution began its quest to leave its mark.

Kindergarten to Class VIII classes began in temporary sheds with two sections each. Classes up to grade X had three sections each by 1957. On July 16, 1960, the government formally recognised it as a minority institution under Recognition No. 645/G1/60. The maximum grant was given to it until September 1963. The institution first used the HSLC course, switched to the multi-purpose plan in 1963, and then went back to the SSC course in accordance with shifting educational trends. With some autonomy allowed to the Minority institution, it has complied with all laws and guidelines established by the State Government.

Why Study at Little Flower High School, Hyderabad?

The school provides instruction that is both national in character and global in view. It prepares students for life by helping them develop the mental, emotional, and behavioural traits that will allow them to deal with life’s challenges and become responsible citizens of the country.

Through extracurricular activities and moral sensitivity to the needs and rights of others, especially the poor, religious tolerance, communal harmony, and national integration, the school constantly works to promote intellectual excellence, scientific temper, a spirit of healthy competition, cooperation, participation, accountability, and sportsmanship. The “temple of learning” is a name that accurately describes the spirit of little flower high school.

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Facilities at Little Flower High School, Hyderabad

One of the key considerations for parents when choosing the finest environment for their child’s growth and development is amenities. Let’s take a look at the facilities at Little flower high School, Hyderabad.

Little Flower High School made sure to provide all of the necessary and contemporary amenities for the kids in order to uphold its aim to promote excellence to international standards. The school firmly believes that character development and education go hand in hand. In addition to offering areas for literature and culture to foster intellectual spirit among the students, it also has some of the best sports facilities for the entire growth of the students.

Language Lab: This department serves the best purpose for developing interest in a variety of languages. Children not only learn different languages but also develop their reading and writing skills.

Art and Craft Room: Art and craft rooms are the best spaces to foster creativity among the students and let the little mind and imagination bloom like a flower.

Music Room: The best approach to relax and unwind is to play an instrument or listen to music. Students have the chance to learn from top-notch instructors in addition to using the most up-to-date instruments in the music room.

Sports Arena: The dedicated, separate girls’ and boys’ shuttle halls, the TT hall, and the high school play area are the outstanding features of Little Flower High School. For primary school students, there is also a separate playground. It also features courts for volleyball and basketball. In short, the facilities offered will give a person the chance to actively pursue their interests in a range of sports.

Library, Computer and Robotics Labs: In addition to providing ample space for reading and studying, the dedicated and separate computer and robotics labs for both primary and high school students, math lab, science lab, and library also foster a relaxing environment where students can develop the habit of reading, exploring, and trying new things while learning the most cutting-edge technologies.

Fee Structure


Admissions and Withdrawals 

Admission Policy

  • Only after being chosen by the admissions committee, which is made up of three individuals appointed by the correspondent, are children admitted.
  • Following a discussion with the parents and the child, the selection committee makes all decisions about LKG admissions.
  • No student shall be admitted to the school only on the basis of the principal’s decision.
  • Admissions above LKG are dependent on open positions.
  • The selection committee and the principal do not accept referrals or recommendations.


  • Before leaving the school, a boy or girl must give one month’s notice; otherwise, one month’s tuition must be paid. Those who depart in April are also responsible for the May fees.
  • Before the start of the holidays, a notice of withdrawal from the school must be sent in order to avoid having to pay the first month’s tuition for the next term.

Documents Required

There are some general sets of documents that are required by the Little flower high school, Hyderabad;

  • Birth Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Photograph of both Child and Parents/Guardian
  • Aadhaar Card of both Child and Parents/Guardian
  • Migration Certificate

Executive Committee

Position NameBatch
PresidentDr. Shrikanth1986
Vice-PresidentMr. John Hemanth Kumar1977
SecretaryMr. Ravi Devulapally1987
Joint SecretaryMr. Arvind Chenji1977
TreasurerMr. Vivek Chand Jain1985

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Why is Little flower high school, Hyderabad famous?

The school is famous for inculcating emotional and moral values while providing a holistic education approach.

What is the teaching methodology at Little flower high school, Hyderabad?

The teaching approach is child-centred and supported by experience learning through the use of Audio/Video aids.

Are there any in-house clubs for students at Little flower high school?

There are a variety of student clubs to choose from, for instance, Robotics, Eco, Science, Social Science, Computer and NCC clubs to name a few.

Little Flower High School has everything necessary to cultivate inquisitive minds and equip pupils for life in the real world. The school places a strong emphasis on offering academic achievement through its exceptional faculty and facilities. Follow Leverage Edu for more updates.

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