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Schooling is very important for the student to realize his or her potential to bring forward in the competitive world. Every teacher tries to impart knowledge to the students. However, the ambience, the schoolmates, the non-teaching staff, and every other individual in a school matter largely for the economic growth of the student outside the school. Thus, schooling should be taken very seriously for students. Parents are the ones who choose schools for their students. The list of best schools in Bangalore provided here are the schools that not only have students that score well in exams but have the right infrastructure and faculty members that make the schools rank in India, and in Bangalore.

What Makes a Great School?

There are several accreditations that rank schools in a particular region. These accreditations depend on various factors that give the school a higher rank.

  • The quality of education is passed on to the students.
  • The maintenance of the school premises adds to the health of the students and faculty.
  • The sports and co-curriculum activities make the school competitive against the other schools.
  • Principles that the school follows.
  • The administrative policies: whether or not they support the students of the school or not.

When all these factors are rightly satisfied by the board of accreditations, the school is ranked. A significant focus however remains on the quality of education as a whole and the performance of the students in the board exams. In one way, the better the quality of education, the better the overall performance of the students on the boards.

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Top 10 Schools in Bangalore

Here, we would be glad to list the top 10 schools in Bangalore. These schools are ranked according to the factors that rank a school higher. These schools hence have the best infrastructure, quality of education, disciplinary principles, and co-curricular activities.

  • Indus International School Bangalore
  • The Valley School Bangalore
  • Inventure Academy
  • Jain International Residential School
  • International School Bangalore
  • Greenwood High International
  • Stonehill International School
  • Canadian International School
  • Army Public School
  • Ebenezer International School

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Top 5 Schools in North Bangalore

Here are the top 5 schools in North Bangalore.

  • Kendriya Vidyalaya
  • Mallya Aditi International School
  • Vidyashilp Academy
  • Air Force School
  • Jain Heritage School

Top 5 Schools in South Bangalore

Here are the top 5 schools in South Bangalore.

  • Presidency School
  • National Public School
  • Brigade School
  • Bethany High School
  • St. Francis School

Why Study at Top Schools in Bangalore?

These top schools in Bangalore have an extensive focus on the personality development of the students. Parents are integrally involved in the entire academic experience of the students which allows an all-round development of the kids. Considering the various career streams that have opened up in the world with the internet and digitalization, these schools put a rigorous focus on skill development and co-curricular activities. The infrastructure is such that the students can find their space inside the school to grow themselves successfully. The teachers are also very well qualified which ensures that academically the students will succeed. Not only that, but the teachers also follow modern norms of teaching inside the classrooms that make the chapters interesting and interactive. Most of the schools have swimming pools, badminton courts, tennis courts, and some other indoor and outdoor game areas for their student’s development.

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Application Process

Most schools have started opening their admissions online after the pandemic. Thus, apart from offline access to the admission procedure, parents can also admit their students through the online application procedure. Sometimes, schools also ask for health certificates from students.

Documents Required

The documents required for admission are:

  • Passport-size photographs (quantity as mentioned by the school)
  • Birth Certificate of the student
  • Filled Application form
  • Previous year transcripts (in case of lateral joining)
  • Entrance examinations (in the case of classes 9, 10, 11, and 12 admissions)

Schooling has evolved over the years, and the factors that rank a school have drastically been reshaped. It is for the betterment of the upcoming generations. The basis on which employment is given to candidates and businesses or entrepreneurship starts has changed from academia to personality and skills. This is the reason, it becomes important for parents to have the idea of the fact that these areas are not overlooked by them while choosing a school for their kids.

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Q1. Which is the No. 1 school in Bangalore?

Ans. Indus International School Bangalore is the highest-ranked school in Bangalore. The school has an affiliation with International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge International Examinations.

Q2. Which is the No 1 CBSE school in Bangalore?

Ans. Kendriya Vidyalaya is the top CBSE school in Bangalore. It is a chain of schools that cater to the educational needs of the Government employees of the Government of India.

Q3. Which is the first best school in Bangalore?

Ans. The most premium school in Bangalore is Indus International School. The International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge International Examinations are affiliated with the school. Infrastructure, the admissions procedure, and the emphasis on extracurricular activities are the three criteria that give the school its best ranking for competition.

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