What is the Full Form of RWA?

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RWA full form

The full form of RWA is Resident Welfare Association. As its name implies, its main goal is to promote the general well-being of all members of a certain residential society. A number of guidelines, obligations, and duties are also in place to guarantee the efficient operation of a certain sector. You can use this article to learn more about resident welfare associations and their roles in India.

Residents Welfare Association (RWA)
Governed by: Societies Registration Act, 1860
Financial year: April 1 to March 31
Selection of members to the governing body: Through election during the general body meeting. 
Responsibilities: Maintenance of the finances, premises, and society records and implementing the necessary rules. 

What is a Resident Welfare Association?

A Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) called a Resident Welfare Association looks out for the welfare and interests of a residential society or colony in a city.

Under the Societies Registration Act of 1860, resident welfare associations are registered. Every state in India might have numerous revisions that are unique to each other and evolve over time. The RWAs cannot operate against one’s own will when a building is registered under the Societies Registration Act since they are subject to particular governing documents.

The paperwork confirms that the RWAs possess specific authority, which is also verified as necessary. Both suing and being sued are options for this. This is a legal organization with the authority to uphold everyone’s rights.

Powers of Resident Welfare Association

The RWA alone determines the subscription cost for each and every society member. Although any resident may request RWA membership, the RWA has the ability to reject such requests with justification.

If the majority of RWA members demand his or her termination for a legitimate reason, the RWA may also revoke the membership of any resident who has passed away due to failure to pay the subscription costs or who has acted in a way that is against the interests of the society.

Additionally, it is the RWA’s duty to oversee and carry out all relevant programs and regulations inside the Resident society. All members of the society in question are eligible to join the RWA, and they can submit an application for the same.

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