Nelson Mandela Quiz Questions: How Well Do You Know Nelson Mandela?

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Nelson Mandela Quiz

The late South African anti-apartheid activist and politician, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, is an icon of resilience and compassion. Mandela served as the first president of South Africa from the year 1994 to 1999. His unwavering commitment to justice and equality turned him into a beacon of hope and inspiration.

Mandela’s extraordinary journey from prisoner to president embodies the triumph of the human spirit. His legacy serves as a timeless reminder of the transformative potential of unity, courage, and unwavering determination.

While Nelson Mandela is loved and respected by people across the globe, let’s take a quiz to check how well you know about this extraordinary personality.

Q. 1 Which of the following is the birthplace of Nelson Mandela?

a) Kimberley
b) Mvezo 
c) Rustenburg
d) Port Elizabeth

Answer: b) Mvezo

Q.2 When did Nelson Mandela receive the Nobel Prize for Peace?

a) 1990

b) 1993

c) 1984

d) 1986

Answer: b) 1993 

Q.3 In which year did Nelson Mandela join the African National Congress?

a) 1936

b) 1940

c) 1944

d) 1942

Answer: c) 1944

Q.4 At which of the following places did Nelson Mandela die?

a) Durban

b) Cape Town

c) Johannesburg

d) Sharpeville

Answer: c) Johannesburg

Q.5 When was Nelson Mandela born?

a) 5 February 1914

b) 14 May 1912

c) 30 November 1915

d) 18 July 1918

Answer: d) 18 July 1918

Q.6 Which of the following books of Nelson Mandela was published in 1994?

a) Higher than Hope

b) I Am Prepared to Die

c) Long Walk to Freedom

d) No Walk to Freedom

Answer: c) Long Walk to Freedom

Q.7 During which period was Nelson Mandela in prison?

a) 1962-1990

b) 1948-1952

c) 1944-1948

d) 1952-1956

Answer: a) 1962-1990

Q.8 Which policy came to an end when Nelson Mandela became the president of South Africa?

a) Communism

b) Big Stick

c) Open Door

d) Apartheid

Answer: d) Apartheid

Q.9 When did Nelson Mandela die?

a) 14 June 2008

b) 22 January 2009

b) 18 July 2012

d) 5 December 2013

Answer: d) 5 December 2013

Q.10 During which period was Nelson Mandela president of South Africa?

a) 1986-1991

b) 2004-2009

c) 1994-1999

d) 2007-2012

Answer: c) 1994-1999

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