What is the Full Form of UEFI?

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uefi full form

The full form of UEFI is Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. It refers to the software interface which is found between the platform firmware and an operating system. The UEFI replaces the legacy BIOS and connects the firmware of your computer system to the operating system. Moreover, UEFI is capable of supporting remote diagnostics and facilitates the repair of computers even if they do not have an OS installed. Interesting, right? Let’s explore more about the UEFI full form.

History of UEFI

Before moving on, let’s first explore the interesting history of UEFI:

  • The first EFI was released in mid-19902 with the development of the first Intel-HP Itanium systems.
  • Intel stopped the development of the EFI after its 1.10 version in July 2005. This paved the way for the Unified EFI Forum which subsequently developed the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. 
  • Version 2.1 was released on 7 January 2007 with network authentication, user interface architecture, cryptography, and other interesting features.
  • The latest UEFI version 2.8 was finally approved in March 2019.

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What are the Characteristics of UEFI?

Here are a few noteworthy characteristics of UEFI:

  • UEFI is software-based.
  • It uses a lower-level OS that is found between the operating system of your computer and startup firmware.
  • It is capable of performing encryption, authentication, diagnostic, and detection of malware as well.
  • Interestingly, any platform can be supported by UEFI by the E (Extensible) and recompiling the boot code.  

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Benefits of UEFI

UEFI offers a plethora of advantages such as: 

  • It is capable of using large disk partitions along with a GPT or Guild Partition Table.
  • UEFI is a CPU-independent driver.
  • The pre-OS environment of UEFI is 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • It offers network compatibility.
  • UEFI features a flexible pre-OS environment as well as a GUI.
  • Users also get the forward and backward compatibility.

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Limitations of UEFI

The limitations of UEFI include:

  • UEFI is more complicated than BIOS and some users can face difficulty while using it.
  • In some cases, the software program that works with UEFI systems may prevent older systems from receiving upgrades to the modern OS.
  • It requires support from software programs and hardware which can be among the most annoying limitations.

Compatibility of UEFI

The Compatibility of UEFI is with – 

  • Processors of different modes
  • PC Disk Device
  • Linux
  • Microsoft Windows, etc

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