20 Interesting Facts About Tortoise

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Facts About Tortoise

When it comes to the list of favourite pet reptiles, tortoises hold a dear place in our hearts. Characterized by slow pace and a hard shell, these creatures are found in different habitats across the world. Although they look cute and innocent, the severity of their bite can be deadly for human beings. Moreover, some species can live over 100 years. Sounds fascinating? Read this blog till the end to discover other interesting facts about tortoise that will surely amaze you. 

Amazing Fun Facts About Tortoise

1. All tortoises are turtles. However, not all turtles are tortoises. 

2. Tortoises have been on this planet for over 100 years. 

3. Every tortoise has three main parts, the top carapace, the bottom plastron, and the bridge that connects these two parts together. 

4. The scales located on the top part of tortoises are called scutes. They protect the shell from injury. 

5. They prefer to stay alone and are hardly found in groups. 

6. A group of tortoises is known as Creeps.

7. They are found all over the world except Australia and Antarctica

8. A turtle shell contains about 50 to 60 interconnected bones. 

9. The shell is actually a part of the turtle’s spine and cannot be removed. 

10. A lighter shade of the shell indicates that the tortoise has come from a warmer country. 

11. Tortoises empty their lungs before going back into their shell. 

12. Tortoises and turtles have nerve endings in their shells and thus, they can feel when someone touches them. 

13. During sieges, soldiers of the ancient Roman military would get in testudo formation, named after the Latin word for tortoise. 

14. It is believed that Charles Darwin and Steve Irwin cared for the same tortoise, known as Harriet. 

15. It is challenging to determine the gender of a tortoise until they reach a certain age. 

Tortoises can extract water and nutrients even from small food bites. 

16. They can detect smells using the vomeronasal organ, or Jacobson’s Organ, present on the roof of their mouths. 

17. There are over 49 species of tortoises. 

18. They can live in deserts as well as wet tropical forests. 

19. Most tortoises are vegetarians and eat fruits, flowers, and foliage. 

Hope you had fun reading these interesting facts about tortoise. If you like reading about facts, you can visit our interesting facts page to read more such blogs.

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