What is the Full Form of NOS?

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What is the Full Form of NOS

The full form of NOS is Network Operating System. The server computer uses a particular kind of operating system called NOS. The idea behind a network operating system is to give the server the capacity to handle applications, users, security, data, and other network functions. 

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Functions of NOS

The primary purpose of NOS is to enable seamless file sharing between multiple computers connected to a network and to grant access to printers. The most straightforward illustration of this is an office, where there may be several PCs in the same space that are all linked to a single server. 

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Advantages of NOS

Here are some of the advantages of NOS:

  • This has a centrally located, stable server. Every program and application in this operating system is executed on a single computer, and every user has remote access to it. Because of this, breakdowns are uncommon.
  • The central location of the server makes it simple to control security.
  • Technology and software upgrades are simple.
  • Anywhere in the world has remote access to the server for users.

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Disadvantages of NOS

Some of the disadvantages of NOS are mentioned below:

  • A costly network operating system is required. Most often, businesses and organizations may buy it since everyday people cannot afford it.
  • The operations are heavily reliant on the central server.
  • The central server must undergo routine maintenance and upgrades due to the high demand.

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