What is the Full Form of RBS?

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Full Form of RBS

The full form of RBS is the Royal Bank of Scotland, one of the most prominent commercial and retail banks in Scotland. This financial institution acquired NatWest in 2000 to expand its presence in the continent. There are nearly 700 branches of RBS spread all over Europe. Most of the branches are located in Scotland.

The Royal Bank of Scotland was established as a corporation in Edinburgh in 1727 by a Royal Charter. The first branch of RBS was institutionalised in 1783 in Glasgow. By 1836, this financial institution had nearly 6 branches and by 1910 the bank had established 158 branches across the European continent. Over the years, this bank managed to acquire some of the most powerful banks in Europe like Williams Deacon’s Bank, Dundee Banking Co, Annan Savings Bank, and others. At present, the bank has 700 branches in different countries of Europe. 

Services of RBS

The Royal Bank of Scotland offers the below-listed services to its customers:

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Another Full Form of RBS

In medical terminology, the full form of RBS is Random Blood Sugar (RBS) Test. This test is administered to diagnose Diabetes Mellitus or Type 2 Diabetes in humans. Type 2 diabetes is caused due to a surge in blood sugar levels, which is termed hyperglycemia. 

To conduct a random blood sugar test, medical practitioners collect a sample of the patient’s blood through a needle or a finger prick. It is a painless and swift process. 

Reasons for RBS Test

Listed below are some of the common reasons to take a RBS test:

  • To check blood sugar levels in diabetic patients
  • To diagnose diabetes and prediabetes
  • To check sugar levels in patients exhibiting blurry vision, unintended weight loss, delayed healing of wounds, dry mouth, frequent urination, and dehydration.

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