Who Started The Quit India Movement?

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who started the Quit India Movement

The August Kranti is also known as Quit India Movement. This was a civil disobedience movement launched in the fight for Indian independence from British rule. The Movement was launched by Mahatma Gandhi on August 8, 1942. The movement called for the immediate withdrawal of the British government from India and getting full dominion status. But have you ever wondered who started the Quit India Movement? And who were the people involved in the movement? 

Timeline of the Quit India Movement
Start Date8th August 1942
End year1944
AimWithdrawal of Britsh rule in India
Announced by WhomMahatma Gandhi
Where was it LaunchedWithdrawal of British Rule in India
Slogan Do or Die

Leaders Of the Quit India Movement 

While Gandhi played the central role, many other important figures also contributed significantly. Let us get to know who all took the role of leadership up their sleeves during the Quit India Movement. 

  • Mahatma Gandhi – He became the driving force behind the Quit India Movement. His philosophy of non-violent resistance known as Satyagraha inspired millions of people to join hands in the struggle to get independence. Gandhi’s call for “Do or Die” during his speech for “Quit India” rushed a wave of new energy into the masses. Although, he was arrested shortly after the launch of the movement but continued to influence the freedom struggle from prison.

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  • Leaders of Indian National Congress – The Indian National Congress was the major political party during this period. Under the leadership of Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Abul Kalam Azad and many more, the Congress mobilized support for the Movement across the country. They laid the groundwork for the Quit India movement and formulated the resolutions demanding immediate withdrawal of the British authorities.

Other fearless freedom fighters organized protests, strikes and demonstrations to challenge British authority and demand independence for India. Despite facing brutal repression and widespread arrests, the movement laid the foundation for India’s eventual freedom in 1947. 

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