What Is The Real Name of Birbal?

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what is the real name of Birbal

Birbal played the role of a special advisor and a close friend to Mughal Emperor Akbar. He was a celebrated minister who was famous for his wit, wisdom and ability to solve complex problems. Birbal’s ability to navigate the complex world of politics with his intelligence and humour serves as a timeless example of effective leadership. Have you ever wondered what does Birbal mean and what is the real name of Birbal? Here is the answer, let’s read the blog.

Birbal’s Real Name

The real name of Birbal is Mahesh Das Bhatt. He was born in the year 1528 in a small town in Uttar Pradesh. At an early age, he became famous with the name Mahesh Das.

  • While Birbal is a title or nickname bestowed upon him by Emperor Akbar, his real name was Maheshdas Bhat. 
  • The title ‘Birbal’ is derived from the Persian word “Bir Bal” or ‘Vir Val,’ which means quick Thinker or Hasir Jawab.
  • He was also bestowed with the title of “Brahma Kavi” or “Kavi Priya”.

According to the historian Abul Fazl, Birbal had nearly twenty-five honorific titles along with the rank of a commander of two thousand soldiers. He rose to prominence through his exceptional intellect and quick wit. Akbar was impressed by Birbal’s intelligence and appointed him as one of his Navratnas or nine jewels, a group of esteemed courtiers known for their skills and talents.

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