What Were The Causes Of The Quit India Movement?

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causes of quit india movement

The Quit India Movement was started on the 8th of August 1942 and thus also came to be known as the August Movement or August Kranti. The Movement was launched by Mahatma Gandhi with the aim of demanding an end to the rule of British governance in India. It started as a civil disobedience movement and was announced in a speech by Gandhi after the All-India Congress Committee session in Bombay. Let us know more of what were the causes of the Quit India Movement.

Reasons For The Quit India Movement 

There were several events that led to the “Quit India” speech by Gandhi. The Quit India Movement came into being in response to the failure of the Cripps Mission, World War II and the Repression and Suppression of Civil Rights.

  • Failure of Cripps Mission – One of the main causes behind the start of this movement was the failure of Cripps Mission. The proposal that was put forth by Sir Stafford Cripps did not meet the aspirations of the leaders of the Indian National Congress.  There was wide dissatisfaction and frustration among the Indian leaders and the public.
  • World War II – The outbreak of World War II and the British government’s decision to involve India in the war effort without consulting Indian leaders also fueled the sentiments for the Quit India Movement. The Indian National Congress, led by Mahatma Gandhi, felt betrayed by the unilateral decision of the British government.

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  • Repression and Suppression of Civil Rights – The repressive measures adopted by the British government to curb civil liberties and suppress dissent further fueled the desire for independence amongst the Indians. The movement also garnered the different sections of the society who were exploited by Britishers including peasants, women and workers from different strata of life. Their discontent and determination to achieve independence were unwavering.

The arrest of important leaders and the imposition of strict censorship on the press outraged the people and strengthened their resolve to fight for freedom. The INC leaders led the movement in different parts of the country with leaders like Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Jawaharlal Nehru, etc.

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