15 Interesting Facts About Rice We Bet You Didn’t Know

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Facts About rice

Whether you are a sushi enthusiast, a kimbap lover, or a traditional paella person, you must know that rice is the key ingredient. Different varieties of rice are used to prepare a wide range of delicacies around the world. While the Japanese prefer sticky rice for their rice cakes and dumplings, Indians have a knack for the fragrant basmati rice. Did you know that rice is the seed of the grass species commonly referred to as Oryza Sativa or Oryza sativa? Were you aware that Arunachal Pradesh is known as the rice bowl of India? Here are a few more interesting facts about rice to make you feel hungry.

Interesting Facts About Rice

1. Rice is an important crop for the global economy. It is the second most produced grain after maize. 

2. Rice is harvested from the long grass-like stalk of the Oryza sativa plant. 

3. Rice is grown in every continent except Antarctica. 

4. White rice is just brown rice that has been polished to remove its outer bran layer. 

Facts About Rice

5. Rice is widely used in beauty products such as face masks, exfoliators, and hair treatments. 

6. Rice is widely consumed as a staple food by over half of the world’s total population, particularly in Asia. 

7. There are over 1,20,000 varieties of rice, each with a unique fragrance, taste, and nutritional value. 

8. Rice is a great source of carbohydrates, an essential macronutrient which plays a vital role in providing energy to our bodies. 

9. The Ming Dynasty sections of the Great Wall of China were built using a paste of sticky rice flour and slaked lime. 

Facts About Rice

10. Rice is cultivated in hot and humid climates where there is enough supply of water. 

11. Uncooked white rice remains safe for human consumption for up to 10 – 30 years. However, uncooked brown rice has a shelf life of 3-6 months after which the brown coating becomes oxidized.  

12. In some cultures, rice is considered a symbol of fertility and prosperity. 

13. In Japan, rice is considered a sacred crop and is widely used in weddings. 

14. In Thailand, rice is used in many Buddhist rituals and is offered as a gift to monks and other spiritual figures. 

15. India is the largest producer and exporter of basmati rice in the world. 

Facts About Rice

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