What is the Full Form of HCI? 

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The full form of HCI is Human-computer interaction. It is a multidisciplinary field of study that prioritizes fostering interaction between humans or users and computers as well as enhancing computer technology. The idea behind the popularity of HCI is that the interaction between a user and the computer should bear a resemblance to how a human interacts with another human. Therefore, HCI aims to make this intersection more user-friendly and efficient. 

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Objectives of HCI

Below we have jotted down the primary objectives of human-computer interaction (HCI): 

  • HCI aims to enhance user experience by making it deliver a positive experience and more user-friendly, effective, and enjoyable. 
  • It aims to increase productivity and efficiency by reducing manual labor and streamlining tasks. 
  • HCI can also help users in reducing errors which can prove to be beneficial in the financial and healthcare field. 
  • It can build the trust factor by offering high customer satisfaction and loyalty and thus, lead to an increase in positive brand reputation. 

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Components of HCI

Every HCI or human-computer interaction is based on a few essential components which include:

Component Description 
User Interface in HCI is the medium through which the user interacts with the computer. 
Interface The context in HCI is simply the circumstances in which the user interacts with a computer. 
Context  Context in HCI is simply the circumstances in which the user interacts with a computer. 
Goal Every human interaction with a computer is done with a goal or purpose in mind.

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