What is the Full Form of AGP?

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AGP full form

The full form of AGP is Asom Gana Parishad, was established to fulfil the objectives of the Assam Movement. Its formation was aided by various stakeholders, including political parties, leaders, and members, which is why factionalism has been a constant issue. The party aims to protect the interests and rights of the Assamese people.


Asom Gana Parishad was created as an umbrella body to carry out a movement to remove outsiders from Assam that was initiated by the All Assam Students’ Union and other organisations from various political, social, and cultural backgrounds. This movement arose from Assamese people’s fear of becoming a minority in their own state as a result of growing migration from Nepal and Bangladesh. This time, several leaders considered forming the Assam Gana Parishad (AGP) to run in the December 1985 election. The goal was to achieve the aims of the Assam Movement. The AGP was formed on October 12, 1985, following a three-day political convention in Golaghat, Assam. It’s worth noting that leaders from various political parties were involved in the Assam agitation.

As numerous political parties were involved in the Assam agitation, it is worth noting that various leaders from various political parties stepped forward to help form the AGP. Two of these political parties, the ‘Purbanchaliya Lok Parishad (PLP) and ‘Asom Jatiyabadi Dal (AJD)’,’ joined the AGP. The AGP won the December 1985 elections with 64 seats, making Prafulla Kumar Mahanta the Chief Minister of Assam. The party’s objectives aligned with the Assam Movement.


The AGP’s preamble defines the party’s main aims, which are primarily aligned with the Assam Movement. Their ideology or objectives are as follows, based on their ultimate goal of preserving Assam’s integrity and uniqueness:

  • The party’s goal is to safeguard India’s sovereignty and unity while adhering to the Indian Constitution.
  • Increasing Assamese tolerance for other communities through teaching them to trust others and preventing religious, cultural, and racial misunderstandings.
  • To protect the regional interests of Assamese or indigenous Assamese people and to build a ‘classless society’ free of exploitation.
  • They want to develop a strong and powerful Assam that ensures political equality, economic progress, and social fairness while respecting India’s federalism and democratic features.
  • Increase Assam’s economic self-sufficiency by developing and enhancing its workforce, making better use of water and forest resources, creating job opportunities, and expanding the industrial sector.

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