High-Paying HR Jobs in Bangalore

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High-paying HR Jobs in Bangalore

Every once in a while, Indian students hear from their parents to pursue a Master of Business Administration, and go for Human Resource jobs, as they have a stable future given their ever-relevance in the business world and its role being of utmost importance. Coming to the topic, this blog shall substantiate the advice of preparing for HR jobs by taking the example of Silicon Valley of India –  Bangalore.  Bangalore is the hub for IT companies, but regardless of the nature of the company, they all are run by the resource known as humans. Finding a company with no human resource department is almost impossible. So, what are the high-paying HR jobs that the Silicon Valley of India offer to students? Stay with us, as this blog explores the same! 

List of High-Paying HR Jobs in Bangalore

In this detailed list below, we have mentioned the high-paying HR jobs in Bangalore, mentioning the company’s name; salary range, as well as a brief job description. Read on! 

Recruitment Manager

How can a company work without making sure that the process of recruitment is timely scheduled, ensuring a smooth onboarding process, as well as ensuring the identification of resourceful candidates? A Recruitment Manager works at the head of it all. Along with the aforementioned, some of the core responsibilities of a recruitment manager are mentioned below: 

  1. Keeping a track of all recruitment metrics, which also includes cost-per-hire. 
  2. Analysing the recruitment procedures and coming up with timely updates and new ideas. 
  3. Building the professional network of the company. 
  4. Looking after company needs and taking those into consideration while working on recruitment. 
  5. Proceed to keep a watch on the turnover of the company. 
  6. Advising and helping out hiring managers with interviewing techniques. 
  7. Implementing different methods of sourcing which includes social recruiting. 
  8. Overlooking talent acquisition, technical recruitment, client engagement, and more. 

In Bangalore, the option of going for this job also comes with working remotely. 

A Company That Matches this Job ProfileFoundit (Formerly Monster)
Salary INR 8 lakhs to INR 12 lakhs

HRMS Manager

An HRMS Manager stands for Human Resources Management System Manager. As suggested by the job title, the job role is connected with providing leadership for the development of a cost-effective Human Resources Management System. If you plan to go for this job, you shall be responsible for not only leading but also managing, planning, and looking after project coordination, as well as strategising on upgrading the system that shall meet the needs within the HR organisation. 

Some of the skills required to ace this job are as follows:

A Company That Matches this Job ProfileCorporate Resources
Salary INR 18 lakhs to INR 20 lakhs

HR Operations Manager

As an HR Operations Manager, you shall be responsible for reviewing and approving of budgets, overseeing all aspects of the HR department, as well as providing support to all employees. Furthermore, the manager shall also have the responsibility of implementing new policies and taking care of internal HR systems’ maintenance. With the presence of the HR Operations Manager, aspects such as the cost-effectiveness of HR initiatives should not be a problem. Along with the same, there are more general HR Operations Manager responsibilities that contribute to their Job Description. They are further listed below. 

  1. Detailed reports on HR costs shall be prepared. 
  2. Monitoring of HR databases and tracking progress 
  3. Setting a range of objectives 
  4. Meet all the concerns of managers and staff regarding staffing procedures 
  5. Be able to develop precise, clear and inclusive company policies. 
A Company That Matches this Job ProfileCorner Tree Consulting Private Limited
Salary INR 22 lakhs

HR Director

The overall handling of Admin and HR teams comes under the judiciary of an HR director. They need to be highly qualifiable for being able to stand in such an esteemed and responsible position.  Strategising human resources approaches for the development of the company, that take into consideration the processes of recruiting, developing and retaining employees. 

Moreover, directing training and development comes under the managerial power of the HR director. They not only oversee the development of a particular development but are also responsible for drawing policies for all departments, as well as all of the branches of a company.  Handling Statutory Compliances is extremely important and the responsibility of the same fall into the hands of the HR director. 

As evident, the role of an HR director encompasses the major functioning of the company, for they are then in the power to handle all the requirements of all branches. 

A Company That Matches this Job ProfileTalentfleet Solutions
Salary INR 30 lakh to INR 35 lakh

Additional HR Jobs in Bangalore

There are more types of HR jobs in Bangalore for you to choose from. They are listed below. 

  1. Human Resources Assistant
  2. Employment Specialist
  3. Human Resources Generalist
  4. Human Resources Coordinator
  5. Labor Relations Specialist
  6. Employee Relations Manager
  7. Director of Employee Experience

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Q1. Which HR job has the highest salary?

Ans. An HR manager and HR director are some of the HR jobs that have one of the highest salaries.

Q2. Is HR high-paying?

Ans. Yes, HR pays highly. In the USA, the median salary range for HR managers exceeds $116,000 (INT 94.5 lakh).

Q3. What is the starting salary of an HR job in Bangalore? 

Ans. One of the basic salaries of an HR job in Bangalore is INR 3.5 lakh. 

This was all about High-Paying HR Jobs in Bangalore. Stay tuned to Wings by Leverage Edu for more such informative blogs. 

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