How to Become a Model in India: A Step-by-Step Guide

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If you are aspiring to become a model in India get ready to explore the diverse fashion scene, rich cultural history, and booming entertainment industry of the country. To break into the glamorous and dynamic world of modelling, one must navigate through diverse options and dedicate themselves to rigorous practices. Additionally, constant training and social networking are key to a successful career in this industry. More importantly, it is essential that aspiring models must focus on their physique. In this blog, we will provide you with essential tips and insights that will help you embark on your modelling career. 

How to Become a Model in India?

Any aspiring model has to go through multiple stages and put in tremendous effort. An individual is required to constantly work on her/their/his physique to excel in the modelling industry. Aspirants must ensure that they constantly upgrade their skills and work on themselves to last in this competitive sector. 

To help individuals who are getting started, we are providing a step-by-step guide on how to become a model in India:

  • Decide the type of modelling you want to choose: To start a career as a model, an individual must start by choosing the type of modelling that suits her/them/him. After selecting the modelling stream, an aspirant must specialise in the selected form using videos and images. 
  • Start practising at home: Thereafter, start practising at home with the help of videos of professional models. Learn from their poses and moves. Observe their walk and perfect your poses and runway walks.
  • Start with training and exercise: To ensure a long-lasting career, stay healthy and develop the requisite physique. Join a local gym, aerobics classes, dance studios, or yoga sessions to develop a schedule. In addition, keep track of food habits and eat healthily as this profession is extremely demanding. With a balanced diet, one will be able to maintain physical and mental fitness
  • Attend workshops and opt for relevant classes: Another step is to enrol in modelling schools that train you to thrive in this industry. Additionally, these institutions perform photo shoots and help maintain good health. These organisations also offer dance classes for the wholesome development of potential models. 
  • Start creating content for the portfolio: Now, start shooting yourself at home and in aesthetically pleasing locations to create an appealing portfolio. Choose and work on modelling assignments to build a strong portfolio. 
  • Focus on developing social media profile: Use social media platforms to display your talents. Reach out to a greater audience using social media and grab modelling opportunities. 
  • Search for an agent: After learning basic skills, search for an agent that suits your necessities. Always carry your portfolio while visiting a modelling agency. Provide relevant information about your body to the agency. They will help you find suitable opportunities. 
  • Look out for relevant opportunities: Even after joining an agency, do not abstain from self-promotion. Always look out for relevant modelling opportunities and connect with potential clients using social gatherings and social media to succeed as a model.  

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Qualities and Skills for Modelling

Like every other professional, a model needs to have a skill set. Additionally, in order to become a model, one must have specific qualities. These skills and qualities include:

  • Technical know-how of camera, photography, set design, cinematography, make-up, clothing, and lighting. 
  • Consistent in their efforts with regular practice and exercise.
  • Building a desirable and appealing physique
  • Exude confidence and be elegant
  • Patience and passion 
  • Stamina to survive long shooting hours and exhaustion 

Minimum Height Requirements for a Model

Certain job roles for models require them to be of a minimum height. These requirements are mandated by certain organisations. However, these standards are not uniform across the fashion and modelling industries. As per common practice, these are the general height requirements for different types of models:

  • Runway and Fashion Models: For male models and female models the minimum height requirement is usually 178 cm (5’10”) and 171 (5’7”) cm, respectively.
  • Commercial and Print Models: For commercial and print modelling, female models and male models need to be 162 cm (5’3”) and 171 cm (5’7”).
  • Fitness Models: No minimum height requirement

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What Does a Model Do?

A model has to work in various industries and with multiple clients, depending on the type of modelling career one chooses. Their work description cannot be boxed. To identify the actual description of the type of work a model does, an individual needs to explore numerous opportunities. 

However, we have listed some common responsibilities of a model for the reference of aspiring individuals:

  • Giving shots or poses as per the directions of the cinematographers or photographers
  • Becoming part of advertisement campaigns and commercials to showcase the products of clients
  • Collaborating with stylists and designers to develop the required looks
  • Taking part in promotional events and trade shows to market and promote products and services 

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Types of Models

As modelling is a creative field, there are diverse opportunities for those who want to become a model in India. Each individual has the option to identify her/their/his strengths and select the genre of modelling that suits her/their/his needs.  

Runway Models

These models show the collections of designers on runways. They embody the vision of a designer to promote haute couture trends and captivate audiences. They exude poise and grace while walking down the runways. 

Fashion Models

These models feature in magazine covers, editorial pages, and ad campaigns. They are versatile and in demand. They embody trendiness and style while promoting accessories, clothing, shoes, etc for various fast and high-end fashion brands. 

Commercial Models

These models endorse everyday products such as food products, detergents, equipment, etc and services through digital and print advertisements. They have to work in different sectors, owing to which they hone a diverse range of modelling skills. These models usually have relatable looks and a mass appeal to reach the target audience.  

Fitness Models

These professionals showcase their healthy bodies to promote exercise equipment, athletic wear, and supplements. Additionally, the toned physiques of these models inspire others to adopt active lifestyles. 

Swimsuit Models

Beach-ready body of swimsuit models are truly adorable. Owing to their stunning body they endorse beach accessories such as sunscreen, beach towels, umbrellas, straw hats, sand shades, water bottles, etc and swimwear. Their beachy vibes and confident demeanour encourage consumers to embrace the sand and sun.

Promotional Models

These models are usually hired for trade shows and events. They converse with potential customers, create a positive brand image, and distribute samples. They focus on increasing product visibility and fostering brand engagement.

Fit Models

These professionals function behind the scenes. They have the responsibility of assisting designers and producers in perfecting the size and fit of clothes and shoes. Their proportions serve as a basis for developing clothing that suits a wide range of body types.

Glamour Models

These models appear in calendars, men’s and women’s magazines, and adult publications. They emphasise sensual imagery without explicit nudity. They are required to be extra suggestive than runway models while posing.

Print Models

These models appear in common print media like ad campaigns, magazines, posters, booklets, and newspapers. Images of print models showcase lifestyle products and concepts, which are crucial for the marketing campaigns of various businesses.

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Salary of Models in India

Modelling is a high-paying job in India. Runway models and commercial models are often the highest-paid models. An established runway and commercial model usually gets INR 2 lakh to 5 lakh for one gig. However, there is no fixed income for any model. This is because modelling is a volatile profession and payment depends on the availability of gigs and shows.

The table below shows the average annual income of different types of models in India.

Types of ModelsAverage Annual Income
Runway ModelsINR 10 lakh
Commercial ModelsINR 8 lakh
Fitness ModelsINR 5.4 lakh
Fashion ModelsINR 10 lakh


How much to runway model earn in India?

The average annual income of a runway model in India is INR 10 lakh.

What skills are required to become a model in India?

Passion, patience, regular training, and technical knowledge of shooting are some of the basic skills necessary to succeed as a model.

What are different types of models?

Different types of models include fitness models, commercial models, fit models, runway models, commercial models, print models, promotional models, and swimsuit models.

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