How Does Physical Health Affect Mental Health?

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How Does Physical Health Affect Mental Health?

Have you ever heard of the quote ‘Healthy mind stays in a healthy body’? We may have long denied the fact as truth or may have rebuked it as a mere saying. But studies have shown that the number of mental health deteriorations among those who practise physical exercises has dropped by 40% approximately. Therefore, physical and mental health are directly correlated.

Especially when you move abroad for education, you may need extra precautions to adjust your body to a new climate and food culture to not affect your studies. This has proven that we need to think twice when we say that the body and mind are two separate entities. Before we begin elaborating on what are some great physical exercise habits, let’s find out how physical health affects mental health.

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Relationship Between Physical and Mental Health

As per the research conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO), mental health problems are more likely to stem from a poor health condition, than any other aspects. Here are some of the well-known, but commonly ignored physical health factors. Take note of these factors to improve your physical and mental health and try to better them for your holistic health approach:


Have you heard of Psoriasis? If not, then note that it causes dermatological conditions symbolising stress and depression. You would feel sore red itchy rashes all over your body. It may also be a result of either your poor mental condition or may lead to the cause. 

Severe Diseases and Their Toll on Mental Health

Sometimes, even after battling fatal diseases like cancer or heart attack or even being over with PTSD, people fail to handle the trauma caused by the experience. And, as a result, they develop poor health leading to bad mental health.


While the other two points highlighted the cons of bad physical health, endorphins have your belief on why physical activity improves your mental condition. Endorphins refer to the chemical changes in your body, symbolising a happy and relaxed state of mind. But to attain the pleasure you need to indulge in a physical activity like fitness exercise, massage, or any similar activity. 

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4 Physical Exercises to Improve Mental Health

As BKS Iyengar stated, “Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit”, it is crucial that you start practising some great physical exercises to tune your mental health. We have listed some of the best time-tested physical exercises below, do have a look!

Practice Yoga

Yoga can help you attain a calm and composed mind. But even if you are way far from trying yoga for its meditational benefits, then how about practising yoga as a means to burn out fat? Yoga exercises like Suryanamaskar, Hatha Yoga, Chandranamaskar, and so on are perfect substitutes for gym equipment when it comes to losing weight or burning some extra calories within the comfort of your home. 

Go Jogging or Running

If you want to adapt to any physical activity that is easy to pick but hard to practise, then you might be thinking of jogging or running. Since ages, both activities bears an enormous impact on improving the health ratio. Let alone the benefit of observing morning breeze and sun rays to improve your skin quality. 

Join Jumba or Gym 

When we talk about physical health or any exercise, there is likely a chance of 90% that the gym would have crossed your mind. Gym and Jumba are two different yet equally beneficial physical fitness activities. They are equally capable of improving your blood pressure, burning fat, and making you strong and agile. 

Learn Swimming

Last but not least, you may also try learning how to swim. This may sound strange but have ever observed the calf or shoulder muscles or the overall physique of a swimmer in any international competition? You may have gotten the point by now. Nonetheless, on one side, learning swimming can improve your physical fitness and physique, whole on the other side, you may also plan out some water-related adventure sports and tick them off your bucket list.

Well, this was all about how your physical health impacts your mental conditions to a greater length. For more content on physical health, stay tuned with us and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

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