Highest-Paying Spotify Careers

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Highest Paying Spotify Careers

One of the best careers in tech, Spotify careers are considered a hub offering job opportunities to people looking forward to combining their passion for music with technological skills. Being hired at top organizations that provide multiple job opportunities with lucrative packages, the recruitment process is competitive. There is an array of important information you must keep a check on to get hired. To know more about why you choose to work at Spotify, top careers at Spotify, average salary, careers by degree, and much more, then Keep Reading! 

Why Choose to Work at Spotify?

There are many reasons to pursue work at Spotify, including salaries and job opportunities. Some of the top reasons include the following; 

  • Spotify allows you to maintain a healthy balance between work and life. This also helps you in dedicating quality time towards work. 
  • One major reason for working at Spotify is the availability of numerous job opportunities with lucrative packages.
  • Spotify not only offers you lucrative salaries but also provides you with a creative and highly recognised working platform.                 

Highest-Paying Spotify Careers for Freshers 

Employees of Spotify are paid an average of $110,573 or INR 91.24 Lakhs. The average salary paid to Spotify employees ranges between $66,890 or INR 55.19 Lakhs to $174,491 or INR 1.43 Crores per annum. Some of the top job profiles and their average salary of Spotify employees are as follows; 

Job Profile Average Salary INR Conversions 
Senior Data Engineer$125,66710.17 Lakh
Backend Engineer $90,77473.51 Lakh
Android Engineer$98,69679.92 Lakh
Senior Product Designer$124,62810.09 Lakh
Product Manager $129,47010.48 Lakh
Senior Product Designer $124,62810.09 Lakh
Sales Manager $65,72153.22 Lakh
Engineering Manager$119,22896.55 Lakh
Staff Engineer $90,74573.48 Lakh

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Popular Degree 

Facts About Spotify

One of the biggest music platforms globally, Spotify is the superior choice for streaming music services. Some of the important facts about Spotify are as follows; 

  • Spotify was founded way back in 2006 by Daniel Ek in Sweden and featured over 50 million songs. 
  • One of the most interesting parts about Spotify is that you are not required to be famous to feature on Spotify.
  • Spotify offers numerous internship programmes to students enrolled on various courses across the globe.
  • Due to Covid 19 pandemic, Spotify offers numerous job opportunities to graduates with an option to pursue jobs while working from home.   


Q1. Does Spotify hire recent graduates?

Ans. Spotify does indeed employ recent college grads, but not as part of a specialised employment program. In other words, college students are no longer eligible for the internship program after graduation. Instead, Spotify only hires new graduates for full-time positions. Spotify may turn recent graduates who have just finished their internship into full-time employees.

Q2. Can I reapply for a Spotify position?

Ans. Depending on the application timeline, you can reapply for a Spotify role. Spotify allows interested parties to reapply for the position if six months have passed and the work is still open.

Q3. Does anyone at Spotify work from home?

Ans. Yes, Spotify’s policy on working from home has grown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, just like remote hiring in the tech industry. Employees can work from anywhere.

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