Highest Paying Jobs in Delhi

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Have you ever wondered why people across India migrate to the capital city? One of the major reasons being employability. You get a wide range of job opportunities with a good salary while working in Delhi. There are certain jobs that pay more than the average. Due to high demand in the industry, fields such as Data Science and Software Development look for talented professionals. But getting a job in Delhi is a challenging task so we have made it easy for you. This blog provides you with the Highest-Paying Jobs in Delhi.

Highest Paying Jobs in Delhi

Let’s find out the highest paying jobs in Delhi along with the qualification requirements and the average salary. 

Data Scientist

Data Scientists, are among the most demanding careers in Delhi. As the name suggests, the job roles revolve around data in an organization, including collecting and processing data daily. Data scientists are supposed to look at the data and draw significant insights for maintaining a company’s profit margins. 

Name of the job profile Data Scientist
Eligibility requirements You are required to get either an undergraduate or
postgraduate degree in data science from a recognised institution.
Average salary INR 10 Lakh PA

Full-Stack Software Developer

Full-Stack software developers are among the most sought-after job profiles in today’s time. A Full-Stack Developer is skilled in the field of web development. A Full Stack Developer is responsible for working on the front-end, back-end, application logic and database logic of a website/application.

Name of the job profile Full-stack software developer 
Eligibility requirements You are required complete either BTech or MTech
in software engineering from a recognised institution.
Average salary INR 14 Lakh PA

Investment Banker

Investment banking is considered one of the most rewarding sectors in India. These officials are responsible for providing financial advice to the company as well as individuals. Investment Bankers usually handle IPOs, bonds, mergers, investments, and acquisitions of huge corporations.

Name of the job profile Investment banker 
You are required complete either undergraduate or
postgraduate degree in finance or equivalent
from a recognised institution.
Average Salary INR 18 Lakh PA

Corporate Lawyer

If you want to pursue a career as a lawyer then you might want to consider pursuing Corporate Law. Corporate lawyers receive a high salary even for a fresh graduate in Delhi.  As a Corporate Lawyer, you are more likely to gain real-life experience. Moving further with this career, you may get the opportunity to solve high-profile cases at the corporate level.

Name of the job profile Corporate Lawyer 
Eligibility requirements You are required complete either
LLB or LLM from a recognised institution.
Average Salary INR 9 Lakh PA

AI Experts

AI is one of the greatest technologies ever made. In today’s time almost every company is switching to AI technology. Due to the high demand and popularity, the market is actively looking for AI experts and is ready to pay them a heft amount. 

Name of the job profile AI Experts
Eligibility requirements You are required complete a relevant course
in AI discipline from a recognised institution.
Average Salary INR 5-20 Lakh PA

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Q1. How to become a Data Scientist?

Ans. You must have obtained a degree in data science from a recognised institution and relevant skills to become a Data Scientist.

Q2. What responsibilities do an Investment Banker have?

Ans. As part of their day-to-day responsibilities, investment bankers are required to perform a diverse array of jobs and activities. They must assist organizations, businesses, and other entities in raising public or private funds through debt or stock issues.

Q3. What distinguishes an Investment Banker from a Chartered Accountant?

Ans. An investment banker is in charge of generating cash for their customers, while a Chartered Accountant is in charge of auditing accounts, providing advice, financial analysis, and revenue, among other things.

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