Best Twitter India Jobs in 2023

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Best Twitter India Jobs

Twitter serves as a platform for public discussion. People are drawn to this organization for its lucrative chances because of its vision, innovation, adaptability, and passion. Twitter India Jobs can provide a lucrative salary to candidates. From providing a comfortable workspace to providing opportunities and freedom to speak up about their opinions, employees are able to enjoy satisfaction on both personal and professional fronts. 

To know more about Twitter India jobs and the work environment at Twitter keep on reading further!

Why Work at Twitter?

Understanding and incorporating the company’s basic values into the interview process at Twitter is crucial because of the company’s emphasis on transparent communication and culture.

The company refers to its staff as Tweeps and lets them know that each has the ability to have an impact on the business. To do this, it emphasizes the importance of having open and secure forums for dialogues about the business, the larger world, and of course, Twitter’s place in it. It also emphasizes the importance of having a purpose in life rather than just working for a living, and it sees itself as playing a societal role in advancing public discourse.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey claimed in the firm’s first Global Impact Report, released in 2020, that by developing trust through accountability and transparency, the company was strengthening itself and giving its customers better service. “We are committed to corporate responsibility, sustainability, and charity because we believe that these are necessary for us to reach our objectives and that doing so is morally correct. We try to match charitable giving with our business objectives and practice good stewardship in the areas where we live and work.

Twitter offers its employees a flexible workspace and frequently permits them to work from home if that is what works best for them in order to assist them to achieve that. Also, it provides workers with a range of professional, monetary, emotional, and physical advantages.

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What does Twitter’s Hiring Process Look Like? 

Securing a Twitter India job requires the candidate to go through a 4 step process of interview. 

  1. First Interview 

A recruiter from Twitter will get in touch with you to schedule a phone or video interview if they are interested in your application or come across you through networking. The hiring manager will then give you a call, describe the position, and inquire about your qualifications. Be prepared to demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the position at hand, as you would at any other point in the hiring process.

  1. Assessment of knowledge 

A test to evaluate your skills in disciplines like coding, data analysis, or engineering can be the next step, depending on the position you’re applying for. These tests may be administered in person or as a “take-home” assignment. Receiving it in a take-home form is also not unusual, which is wonderful news for any apprehensive job applicant.

  1. Department Based Interview 

The hiring manager will arrange at least one phone interview, and most likely more, with a person who is related to the department you would be working in, such as a software engineer, designer, or product director, when you pass the assessment test. To learn more about your abilities, these experts will quiz you.

However, one manner in which Twitter’s interviews differ from those of other major firms is that they frequently follow the practice of posing ambiguous or trick questions, such as “How many golf balls could you fit inside a school bus?”

Twitter favors evaluating candidates based on their technical aptitude for the position.

  1. On-Site Interview 

Lastly, you’ll receive an invitation to visit one of Twitter’s offices to participate in a series of interviews with prospective managers and coworkers. Also, you’ll take part in examinations and activities on-site to demonstrate your skills. You will need to exert your best effort because this is quite a lengthy task. Prepare yourself at all costs.

From start to finish, the Twitter hiring procedure typically takes 2-4 weeks. Make sure you’re prepared for each step before you even begin because it can go quickly. It shouldn’t be difficult to squeeze preparation time in between stages.

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Highest Paying Jobs at Twitter with Their Salaries

The table below represents some of the highly skilled twitter India jobs and their respective salaries. 

Job Designations Annual Salaries
Software Engineer 27,30,000 / year 
Data Scientist 14 Lakh – 26 Lakh 
Project Manager 5 Lakh – 63 lakh
Software Engineer II41 Lakh – 45 Lakh 
Senior Software Engineer 48  Lakh – 83 Lakh 
Site Reliability Engineer 32 Lakh – 41 Lakh  
Brand Strategist 1 Cr year 
Source – Glassdoor


Q1. Which job is best in 2023?

Ans. Some of the in-demand skilled careers are –
HR Professionals 
Graphic and Web designers 
Software Engineers 
Civil Engineers 
IT professionals

Q2. What job will be in-demand in 2025?

Ans. Data science professionals will be in a lot of demand due to the exponential rise of the data generated. Skills like Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data Science will be expected out of data professionals by employers.

Q3. Is Twitter good for finding jobs?

Ans. Though when it comes to searching for jobs and applying for them, candidates’ first preference is LinkedIn but in the past few years candidates are also preferring Twitter to network and seek jobs posted by employers on their Twitter handle

Q4. Which sector will grow in the next 10 years in India?

Ans. Following sectors are said to perform really well in the future- 
Healthcare and Insurance Sector 
IT Sector
Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector (FMCG) 
Renewable Energy Sector

Which skill is in demand in 2023?

The top 5 skills that will be in demand are Sales, Leadership, Customer Service, Communication and Management. The hard skills that employers will look for are – Python, Java, Finance, SQL and Software Development.

Twitter India jobs are quite rewarding both on professional and personal fronts. Professionally Tweeps (as Twitter likes to call its employees) get quite a good salary and personally every employee is encouraged to communicate openly as everyone has the potential to make an impact. Its main goal is to encourage inclusivity in the diverse workforce across all the teams of Twitter. Twitter India Jobs provide the benefit of flexible workspace and gives the choice of working from home, whatever suits the best to employees. 

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