Top Tips to Increase Your IELTS Reading Score

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Top Tips to Increase Your IELTS Reading Score (1)

To get admission to the globally acclaimed educational institutions in Australia, UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, United States, etc. you will be required to score good marks in IELTS. To do this, you will have to gear up your strategies. Glance through these top tips to increase your IELTS reading score.

Practice Makes a Man Perfect

You can get a hold of previous sample papers and start practising to crack the test. The candidates can also find IELTS reading tips on youtube. You can also indulge in reading newspapers, magazines and books that provide excellent reading practice for the IELTS exam. Enhancing your reading skills would give you an upper hand in the final exam.

Read Instructions Carefully

You should invest a good amount of time in understanding the questions asked in the paper. Moreover, read all the instructions properly before you start to write answers. Stick to the word limits given in the paper as exceeding word limits can affect your score negatively. 

Skim Through the Passage 

One of the effective IELTS reading tips is to skim through the entire passage and get a general idea out of which you can take out information that is to be used in the answers. For this, you can underline the important keywords that you notice. Reading the entire passage will take a long and you won’t be able to finish your paper. 

Develop your Vocabulary

Remember that learning vocabulary does not mean just knowing the meaning of the word it also means that you should be able to use it in a sentence. It is also about collocation, and how words can be used with either verbs or nouns. To develop your vocabulary, you can practice reading passages and writing a word list, including common phrases

It’s always Paraphrased

The IELTS reading section is designed to test your understanding of language complexities. For every correct answer, you will be required to choose from the options, there will always be a paraphrased fragment in the text that says absolutely the same.

Find Proof in the Text, Underline and Number

Read and find out the exact location of the answer in the passage. Compare the answer to the keywords, which will automatically get you to the answer. After finding the answer, underline that rephrased line in the passage. Then write the number on top of the question that is answered by that line.

Don’t Leave any Questions Unanswered

Yes, you won’t be penalized for unanswered questions! But you will surely be marked zero for the same. Never leave any questions unanswered. When you know there’s no time left, just guess and write something, what if you manage to guess the right answer?

Improve your Reading Speed

You can try to increase your reading gaze to include three words at a time. This will be more helpful than bouncing from one word to the next. You can also aim to expand it to about five words at each glance.

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Active Reading

Make sure you have highlighted important phrases in the text that can help you understand the passage or even sums up the context of the reading. This can then act as a reference when you go on to search for answers in the text.

Don’t forget the Spellings

Do not forget that the spellings can hold equal importance in the reading part. This is because you are supposed to write down your answers. The vocabulary for answers is quite simple as compared to that in the passages. One common mistake that students make while writing the answers is to write true or false instead of true or false. So always double-check your spelling on the test.

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