Study Computer Science in World’s Top Universities in Australia

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Computer Science is among the most sought after courses in Australia. It is among the top programs to study at Australia because of excellent technical Education there. Australian universities offer undergraduate, graduate and other certificate diploma programs in Computer Science Engineering. In fact, they offer Information Technology (IT) courses for students from non science stream, which makes it all the more favourite destination among students for computer science and other related subjects. Australian universities are ranked among top 100 universities in the world for its computer science programs and many other domains like Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering etc.

There are few very interesting facts about universities which offer computer science programs in Australia – University of Melbourne and The University of New South Wales run a quantum computing research unit, and they have recently produced the first silicon based quantum computer. Australia accounts for almost 20 of the world’s top universities for computer science, including four in the top 50. These are: University of New South Wales, the University of Sydney, the University of Melbourne and Australian National University.

Let’s gather some basic insights about the structure, design and other unique specialization of Computer Science programs at Top Australian Universities.

  1. University of Melbourne – is #1 in Australia and #43 in the world ranking. Melbourne school of Engineering (MSE) is among the international research leaders in computer science and information systems. Unique specialization of MSE is, they offer introductory courses to build up fundamentals on programming and computational thinking. And for skilled programmer they run a test called “Program Proficiency Test” which helps many students to accelerate their studies and move to advanced subjects in third year of Engineering. For more information you may visit http://www.eng.unimelb.edu.au/
  2. Australian National University – is #5 in Australia and #61 in the world ranking. ANU college of Engineering and Computer science follow four major areas to make learning more efficient and reliable – High performance Computing, Human centred computing, programming Languages, design and implementation. They perform their research work collaboratively with other industry and Government organisations from Australia, China, Germany and the United States.
  • University of New South Wales – is ranked among top 5 universities in Australia and #75 in the world ranking. They have strong commitment to research areas with focus on Computer Architecture, Artificial Intelligent, Database Systems and Bioinformatics.
  • University of Sydney – is #2 in Australia and #80 in the world ranking. Their research work is strongly focussed in the areas of algorithmic and applications, Human Centred Computing, Enterprise Computing and IT applications. Most research works are interdisciplinary and internationally collaborative. All the programs are accredited by the Australian Computer Society.
  • The list is non ending, Infact not only computer Science but other fields like Chemistry, Zoology, Biology, mathematics, and other streams of Engineering accounts for long standing history of Australia being home to some of the best universities in the world. These excellent programs add a great value to every student’s professional resume. Other benefits like hassle free student visa, no language barrier, weather conditions, easy access to adventures, Academic recognition, scholarship options and many more such paybacks makes Australia a world class destination to study.

    And that’s why they rightly say “AUSTRALIA HAS IT ALL”

    – Team Leverage

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