MBA Preparation – Best time to Start

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MBA preparation
MBA preparation

If there’s an appropriate answer to “What’s the best time to start your MBA preparation?”, it’s “Now!”. There is a reason for being so straightforward about it, read on to know why.

If you’re a dreamer, an aspirant (or whatever you’d like to call yourself), who are aiming to be in a top B-School around the world for an MBA, then you must be well-acquainted with the fact that the whole process of

MBA preparation

is totally different from that of an undergrad application. Rather than considering how well you have copied and pasted content in your application, you will even be evaluated on factors like life experiences which taught you major lessons, and work experiences which helped you hone your professional skills.

Securing an exceptional test score is just a part of the whole process. There are students scoring 750+ in GMAT and failing to get a seat in their dream college and then there are students who score just an average GMAT score and make it to the top b-school they wanted to be in. Where does the difference lie then? The difference lies in the necessary steps that students follow for their

MBA preparation.

Here’s a list of things that you can start with:

  • Research (Do a lot of it!)

The groundwork for choosing the right MBA school to go for is probably the most crucial decision in anybody’s life. Going just by the rankings may prove to be a disaster, there are a lot of other factors as well while deciding the right fit for you. Research thoroughly about the schools that fascinate you. Pay great attention to details like average GMAT & GPA, Industry Expertise, School Location, and Career Placement Stats.

  • Start Bracing Up Your CV

Your CV is the reflection of whatever you have done in your life, make sure the reflection is beautiful enough to grab the onlooker’s attention. Rather than focusing on the length of your CV, focus on the quality of it. Start doing internships in your respective field, start associating yourself with some sort of social work (Yes! That helps), pursue some short-tenured courses which you think can help you hone your skills, and do anything and everything to brace up your CV as a part of your MBA preparation.

  • Start Preparing for GMAT/GRE/Other Tests

While most of the top schools accept a GMAT score, some of them require you to take other tests like GRE. While your admission doesn’t wholly depend on the test, it is the most essential part of the whole process. Students usually make common mistakes like preparing just on the weekends, starting too late, or focusing too much on a single section. Preparing for such tests should be a continuous process and that serves half the purpose. Confused where and how to start preparing? Leverage Edu offers the best-in-class program that helps students ace such tests. Contact us to know more!

This step doesn’t demand much of an effort but can prove to be greatly fruitful. Dig in and search for people in your network and start talking to them about their personal experiences. These sources can provide a very personalized experience and can treat your queries like the internet cannot do!

  • Start Building Your Story

Yes, you do have a story. Everyone does! It’s just that people don’t take out time to frame it into words. If you knit everything that you’ve done in your personal and professional life and express how every decision you took contributed towards your growth, you can impress any interviewer on the face of this planet, literally! During your MBA preparations, it’s essential to identify the factors that would make your story worth listening.This will take time, but it certainly will be worthwhile.

Top business schools have become immensely exacting when it comes to choosing the students. They want students who are very clear about why they want to do an MBA, and most importantly why from that particular school; students who have stories to tell about their respective lives and what they have learned till that time. All this may sound effortless, but it just doesn’t happen overnight. It is a steadfast procedure that takes time. Once you have decided that you want to do an MBA, the next step should be to start your preparations. Or, you can contact a Leverage Expert, and make your MBA Preparation perfect!

– Team Leverage

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