Emerging Career Opportunities in Healthcare

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Across the world, there is a rapid increase in chronic diseases and illnesses. Main reasons attributed to this increase are poor lifestyles, changing diets and rising obesity levels. The aging population and increasing patient awareness, knowledge, and expectations have resulted in a huge rise in healthcare spending. Life expectancy is expected to increase, and in turn, the numbers of the aged and disabled in need of full-time care will correspondingly rise. With extensive research and new innovations in medicine come new healthcare opportunities as well. All these factors contribute to increased global opportunities for healthcare professionals.

Healthcare is a sector that will always be in demand. If you have the required knowledge, training and skills you will find no dearth of healthcare job opportunities. Studies have shown that by the next decade the US will be facing extreme healthcare crisis, with an acute shortage of qualified nurses. The global shortage of nurses is poised to reach an alarming level very soon and with it, the demand for well-qualified healthcare professionals will rise.

All this serves to underline the significant need for more qualified healthcare workers on a global scale, and Governments abroad are making all arrangements to reduce this deficit. If you have been thinking of making a career in global healthcare, then there is certainly no better time than the present. Professionals in the healthcare industry are getting ready to grab the opportunities, thanks to the burgeoning healthcare career opportunities that are welcoming nurses, doctors and medical practitioners from the Asian region, especially India. The availability of world-class healthcare delivery systems, improved life expectancy, health-savvy patients is some of the reasons for an increased demand for professionals in healthcare domain.

Listed below are the top five emerging destinations for careers in the global healthcare industry.

1. United States of America

Unlike in other parts of the world, individuals in the US are better informed about their health profiles and thereby more focused on staying healthy. Patients are aware of their illnesses, treatment options as well as general outcomes. This mindset of an “improved quality of life at any cost” has led to a rising need for highly-skilled healthcare personnel.

2. Norway

Norway will have a requirement of 95,000 to 135,000 healthcare personnel within the next two decades (Statistics Norway). Qualified medical professionals with a globally-recognized certification in healthcare are in high demand throughout the region. Since the locals are not sufficiently trained in Norway’s fast-expanding healthcare sector, the country offers extensive opportunities for medical professionals from Asia, especially India.

3. Australia

The steep rise in world-class medical facilities and an alarming increase in the population of aged citizens have contributed towards the shortage of healthcare professionals across Australia. There is bound to be an all-time demand in the global healthcare industry within the next couple of years.

4. Canada

Canada has been on the lookout for healthcare professionals who can cater to a population of senior citizens, a majority of whom require specific treatment for chronic illness. Organized health service in Canada goes beyond treatment and extends towards customer service of the highest order, thereby increasing the need for medically-qualified, service-oriented personnel.

5. United Kingdom

United Kingdom was once the most sought-after destination for healthcare professionals. Following the drastic drop in the number of nurses from Europe employed in the UK, there is a recorded shortage of 24,000 healthcare professionals in the region. The scenario is proving to be a boon for medical practitioners from other parts of the world

Of all the major industries in the world, the healthcare service segment is one that is fully geared towards unstinted growth, opening unlimited career opportunities for doctors, nurses, therapists, technicians and aged care personnel among many others. This is the right time for you to decide the program of your choice, get adequately qualified, acquire required skills and enter the world of a most rewarding and respectable career across the world.

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