Must-Know GMAT Sentence Correction Rules

Sentence Correction Rules

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a computer-based test conducted to evaluate writing, verbal, quantitative, analytical, and reading skills for securing admissions in postgraduate and management programs. GMAT measures your grip over grammar, data analysis, and algebra, among many other aspects. It analyses your critical thinking, evaluation, and ability to solve problems. 

GMAT Sentence Correction Rules 

In GMAT sentence correction, you will observe long sentences, sentences with errors, underlined sentences which will be asked to write correctly by bringing the correct version for the sentence or choosing from the alternative given choices.

If you are struggling with your GMAT correction, we at Leverage Edu are here to help you with our tips for GMAT Sentence Correction rules. 

Sentence correction will ask you to choose an option which will be:

  • Grammatically correct
  • Logically justified
  • And, concise

You have to keep in mind that, grammar in GMAT verbal questions are based on specific sentence correction rules. The grammar which makes sense in conversations or writing might not be the correct form according to the GMAT pattern. 

Here are the various GMAT Sentence Correction rules:

GMAT Sentence Correction Rules – Misplaced Modifier 

GMAT sentence correction questions always contain some misplaced words or phrases that describe some other parts of the sentence are like, “My brother, the scientist, is going to visit his doctor.” These types of modifiers are the most common types of errors in GMAT. In these types of questions, phrases are mostly misplaced, illogically placed or describes some incorrect words.

GMAT Sentence Correction Rules – Verb-subject Compatibility

GMAT sentence correction questions frequently cover verb-subject errors. The nature of the sentence must match the verb. A singular matter has to tag along with a singular verb. A plural matter has to tag along with the plural verb. 

GMAT Sentence Correction Rules – Idioms

GMAT sentence correction questions comprise of most phrases that involve certain statements. For example, “indulging in illegal activities is if to sign”. GMAT sentence correction is more than correcting grammatical mistakes, it involves sentence creation that should sound idiomatically correct also.

GMAT Sentence Correction Rules – Correct Verb Tense

GMAT sentence correction questions mostly comprise of questions to test your verb tenses the basics past, present, and future. These sentences inform us about some action taking place or will take place. For example, by the time the teacher arrived, the students had fled. 

GMAT Sentence Correction Rules – Illogical Comparison 

GMAT sentence correction section consists of questions that mention sentences with an illogical comparison, “Derek loves his pizza, more than his father”. Illogical comparison compares roses to lilies, meaning to produce a sentence which does not make sense or add up grammatically. 

GMAT Sentence Correction Rules – Pronoun Usage

GMAT sentence correction questions also test you on the proper usage of pronouns. Correct pronoun represents their forerunner meaning that the sentence should match its occurrence. For example, Rajat put on his shirt, “Rajat” is the forerunner for “his”. Singular pronouns match with their singular forerunner. Plural pronouns match with their plural forerunner. 

GMAT Sentence Correction Rules – Countable and Uncountable

GMAT sentence correction questions comprise of phrases which are used to measure your critical thinking in terms of putting situations with countable and uncountable things like, many, more, few (countable with plural nouns). Uncountable things include the much less amount with singular nouns. 

GMAT Sentence Correction Rules – Parallelism 

GMAT sentence correction questions consist of some parallel related things. Sentences comprising of consistently repetitive nouns, verbs and phrases. For example, playing outdoors, emphasizing on exercise, and convey a message of a healthy lifestyle. The sentence should follow a pattern of consistent nouns and verbs like playing outdoors, emphasizing on exercise and conveying a message of a healthy lifestyle. 

GMAT Sentence Correction Rules – Paired Words 

GMAT sentence correction questions consist of questions related to pairing and construction of sentences. Words or phrases that are always used together like:

  • So much..that
  • As…as 
  • Not only that..but also

For example, the students were making so much noise that the teacher had to call the  Principal.

These are some of the tips which can help you prepare for your GMAT. Preparing for the GMAT can be a hectic and stressful process. We at Leverage Edu make this journey a little easier for you. We can provide you with suitable guidance with the best mentors. Get in touch with us at +91-8826200293 and kickstart your career today!

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