Masters in Business Analytics in Germany

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Masters in Business Analytics in Germany

For people with a foundation in mathematics who wish to develop a thorough understanding of the technologies and tools within data management, business management, business intelligence, cyber security, and data analytics, the Master in Business Analytics programme is perfect for them. Students will be able to get a strong understanding of the most recent business theories and practices through the MS in Business Analytics programme. In this blog, we will discuss a master’s in business analytics from Germany.

Reasons to Choose Germany for your MS

Germany is renowned for its top-notch economic development, higher education, and higher standards. Additionally, Germany is a desirable location for students from around the world to pursue their dream vocations. One of the most popular degrees there is in management. For international students pursuing an MS in business analytics in Germany, there are various advantages. However, the most crucial ones are:

  1. Great economic strength

In wealthy nations like Europe, students like learning about business. As was already mentioned, this nation’s economy is among the strongest in the world and accounts for about 21% of the GDP of the eurozone. In addition, Germany has a lower unemployment rate than other nations.

  1. Leader in R&D investing

Germany is the leader in R&D (Research and development) spending. This country invests almost 80 billion Euros, or $104 billion in US dollars, to support more than 800 publicly funded research institutes. Furthermore, Germany continues to attract a top-tier talent pool with more than 500,000 R&D experts. This makes it possible for students to study MSC business analytics in Germany, receive training from prestigious universities, and learn about R&D investments. business analytics in Germany, receive training from prestigious universities and learn about R&D investments

  1. Utilizing a single market

Germany gains a lot from its connections to Eastern and Western European nations in terms of access to potential customers and partners. Since the EU has been in charge of a single market for more than 20 years, the majority of countries can freely move their capital, goods, and services across the EU’s trade block. 

  1. The appeal of large organizations

Germany’s robust economic structure has a significant impact on luring globally renowned businesses like SAP SE, Shell, Efficio, Microchip Technologies, etc. These are the most well-regarded employers of brilliant German students.

  1. Cost-effective

Germany has been listed by several international educational organizations as one of the nations that offer the most assistance to students looking to acquire degrees abroad. Additionally, the fact that many German colleges charge little to no tuition complements this recognition, making studying in Germany an appealing and intriguing proposition for individuals looking to pursue their education in a nation other than their own.

Study in Germany: The Guide To Your German Dream!

Top Universities

Listed below are a few of the best and most renowned colleges in Germany that grant master’s degrees in business analytics:

University Name Times Higher Education Ranking 2022
University of Technology, Chemnitz 601-800
SRH University, Heidelberg 51-60
Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences 146
Otto Von Guericke University N/A
Stuttgart Media University 351-400
ESCP Europe Business School, Berlin N/A
Humboldt University of Berlin 74
University of Freiburg 108
Braunschweig University of Technology N/A
Giana Business School, Berlin N/A

Free Universities In Germany For International Students

Application Process 

To apply for an MS in Business Analytics at a renowned German university, you must fulfil the eligibility criteria and submit the list of documents given below. Here are the eligibility criteria and admission process to apply for a Master in Business Analytics in Germany:

  • Eligibility Criteria
  1. A bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as business, finance, computer science, marketing, or management.
  2. Internship or relevant work experience.
  3. English proficiency certification (IELTS or TOEFL test scores).
  • Documents Required
  • Officially certified evidence of passing the university admission exam
  • Updated CV with photo
  • LOR (number of reference letters may differ per university)
  • Internships certificates/report
  • Certificate of a language test 
  • Copies that have been duly attested and translated into either German or English as evidence of having earned a bachelor’s degree in the home country
  • A copy of the passport
  • SOP (statement of purpose) 

Cost of Studying 

One of the most important considerations for international students wanting to pursue their MS in Business Analytics in Germany is the cost of education. Below are some of the most important factors to consider as a student:

  • Tuition Fees

The cost of tuition may vary from university to university, however, tuition for a Master’s in Business Analytics at a private university in Germany ranges from €11,000 (8.84 Lakhs INR) to €17,000 (13.67 Lakhs INR) per year.

  • Living Expenses

The cost of living may differ depending on the location and preferences of the student. The cost of living covers the cost of housing, food, public transportation, and the cost of entertainment. The obligatory sum for the Block Account is €10,332 (8.30 Lakhs INR) for the entire year, or €861 per month, for students who wish to study in Germany.


Here are some of the best scholarships in Germany that you can apply for:

Scholarship Name Amount offered (in Euros)
German Academic Exchange Service [DAAD] Scholarship program STIBET I  Varies
Deutschland Stipendium €300 (24K INR) per month for at least two semesters
Scholarships for International Students and Doctoral Students €200-300 (16-24K INR) per month for one-semester
German Scholarship €300 (24K INR) per month for two semesters
Deutschland Stipendum €300 (24K INR) per month for at least two semesters
Academic Merit Scholarship Varies
ESCP Foundation Scholarship €2000 (1.60 Lakhs INR) per annum

Career Opportunities and Scope

After earning a master’s in business analytics in Germany, one can get employment in a prestigious position. Students are equipped to work with data analysis, business, and processing. Because of this, practically every corporation needs a skilled business analyst. One of the professions where it is simple to go from one industry to another is this one. Here are some of the jobs and salaries available to MS in Business Analytics in Germany graduates:

Profession  Salary per annum (in Euros)
Big Data Analyst €85,422 (68.6 Lakhs INR)
Business System Analyst €66,982 (53.8 Lakhs INR)
Senior Data Analyst €64,071 (51.46 Lakhs INR)
Software Developer €62,000 (49.8 Lakhs INR)
Data Engineer €58,058 (46.6 Lakhs INR)


Is Germany good for MS in Business Analytics?

Germany is home to a number of the world’s best universities. Candidates who pursue a Master’s degree in Business Analytics in Germany will be able to combine the appropriate amount of information with practical training as they progress through their programme.

Is Germany good for data analytics?

Whenever it concerns business digitization and digital public services, Germany is among the most advanced. Even though Data Science and Big Data are still relatively new academic subjects, the German job market is in desperate need of experienced Data Scientists.

Is it worth doing a Master’s in business analytics?

If you want to improve your ability to make decisions at your firm, learn how to analyze and interpret data to solve difficult business challenges, and select the best programme, a master’s in business analytics is worth the investment.

Choosing a master’s in Business Analytics in Germany is a good option. To ensure you get selected in one of the top universities to study this course in Germany, it’s highly imperative to have your application stand out. Call Leverage Edu today and take the first step towards successfully studying abroad.

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