Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants: Eligibility Criteria, Application Process, Selection and Benefits

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Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants

The Rotary Foundation provides scholarships each year to support the humanitarian goals of the organisation and cultivate future leaders worth over 7.5 million USD. One such programme is the Rotary Foundation Global Grants.


Read this blog to know more about Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants and its details including eligibility criteria, application, benefits and much more. 

A Global Grant: What Is It? 

Professionals and recent graduates studying internationally in one of Rotary’s six areas of focus—promoting peace, supplying clean water, sanitation, and hygiene, rescuing women and children, battling disease, developing local economies, and bolstering education—are eligible to apply for Global Grants. Clubs and districts support international cooperation by collaborating to meet community needs.

Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants can support:

  • Humanitarian initiatives
  • Scholarships for graduate work in academia
  • Teams of professionals known as vocational training teams will travel overseas to either instruct local professionals in their industry or to further their knowledge in it.

A global grant project can receive up to 400,000 USD in World Fund awards, with a minimum budget of 30,000 USD. Occasionally, endowment revenues and directed gifts are also used to fund these.

Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants: Highlights

Scholarship TypeCompany-Sponsored, Merit-Based
Offered byTrust
OrganizationRotary Foundation
Number of ScholarshipsN/A
AmountVariable Amount
International Student EligibleYes
Scholarship Website Linkhttps://my.rotary.org/en/take-action/apply-grants/global-grants

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Eligibility Criteria

The Rotary Foundation Global Grants have very clear and precise requirements that are based on the application submitted by the candidate.

The project of an eligible candidate has to:

  • Possess a lasting and permanent effect on society
  • Take care of a community-identified essential location
  • Includes activities according with the principles of the foundations
  • Set aside a minimum of USD 30,000 for expenses

Candidates also need to fulfil the following academic prerequisites:

  • Minimal performance standards and qualifications in school
  • Proficiency in language (the language of instruction or the country of study)
  • Excellent interpersonal and public speaking abilities
  • High moral standards exhibited in one’s personal, professional, or academic life

Application Process

Individual applications from the scholars and members of the vocational training team must be submitted in addition to the application for the Rotary Foundation Scholarship-Global Grants.

  • In their applications, candidates must include documentation confirming their acceptance into a graduate programme at a university or an invitation letter to do postgraduate research.
  • Candidates must decide to further their education abroad.

Travel applications for scholars, volunteer travellers, and vocational training teams must be submitted 90 days prior to the departure dates.

Selection Process

A panel of the selection committee is specifically designated for the Rotary Foundation Global Grants.

  • The application forms and additional interviews with the shortlisted individuals are the basis for grant decisions.
  • The committee will specify whether an in-person interview or a live video conference will be conducted at the beginning of the procedure. At that point, the time and date are also verified.

The more than 35,000 clubs that make up the Rotary Foundation collaborate to address the most difficult problems facing the globe. Its headquarters are in Evanston, Illinois, USA, and it has members in nearly every nation. Additionally, it maintains associate foundations in the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada, India, Brazil, and Japan.

Benefits of Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants

A worldwide grant scholarship requires a minimum budget of $30,000, which can be used to pay for the following: travel expenditures (as detailed in the grant terms and conditions), vaccinations, and a passport or visa. School supplies, tuition, housing and board, household goods, and language classes (although not if admission to a university is conditioned on language proficiency improvement).

The majority of personal and other costs are not reimbursed by the scholarship funds.

Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants for International Students 2024–25

International grants, fellowships, and scholarships are available to students residing outside of the nation in which the university is situated. These are also referred to as financial aid, and Rotary International’s financial aid office frequently handles them. Rotary International provides scholarships for people to conduct research or study there.

For students studying abroad, Rotary International offers a number of scholarships. In addition to university-based scholarships, there are numerous additional organisations that provide scholarships for international students, such as foundations, trusts, corporations, etc. We provide the most recent details on international grants, fellowships, and scholarships in order to assist. You can apply online for the scholarships through the Rotary International Scholarship Application Form.

To learn more about the Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants, click on the link below:

Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants

Rotary Peace Fellowships 2025–2026

Rotary International is offering full funding for overseas students to apply for Rotary Peace Fellowships 2025–2026. Students are eligible for this scholarship: all nationals

You can use this scholarship to further your studies in peacemaking, conflict resolution, and prevention. The application date for Rotary Peace Fellowships 2025–2026 is May 15. The total cost of the scholarship includes living expenses, tuition, and additional privileges. Universities that are eligible to receive this award include University of Queensland (UQ), Duke University, Uppsala University (Uppsala Universitet), and University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Click on the link below to apply for the Rotary Peace Fellowships 2025–2026 scholarship:

Rotary Peace Fellowships 2025–2026

Rotary Foundation Global Grants 2024

Rotary International offers students from abroad the Rotary Foundation Global Grants 2024, a partial funding award. The following students qualify for this scholarship: All rotary nationals are welcome.

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You can use this scholarship to further your involvement in humanitarian endeavours. The application deadline for the Rotary Foundation Global Grants in 2024 is subject to change. The scholarship has a 30,000 USD value. You can apply for this scholarship at Rotary International. The Rotary Foundation Global Grants 2024 application form is available and the link is given below:

Rotary Foundation Global Grants 2024

Once the Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grant is Approved

  • The sponsoring club account has been set aside specifically to handle this funding, and it receives payments directly from the Foundation.
  • Give the scholar clear instructions on payment and reporting timelines. Give the student access to the approved budget and clarify what constitutes allowable expenses (groceries, for example, are allowed; alcohol, not). Finish the online payment process with the host sponsors.
  • After the money has been transferred from the Rotary Foundation, pay the scholar according to the timetable that was previously set.
  • Make plans for the scholar to go to Houston in January for the Global Scholar Elect Training Seminar (GSETS). Before leaving, all scholars must attend training. District 5890 is responsible for covering the scholar’s registration costs. 
  • Plan visits to district events, club meetings, and other Rotary-related activities.
  • Think about giving the scholar club banners for exchange while they’re away. It would also be beneficial to have a sufficient number of business cards featuring the Rotary emblems and their photographs.


Who do Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants support?

Grants generally support these categories:
Academic graduate scholarships 
humanitarian initiatives
Professional groups called vocational training teams will go abroad to teach local professionals in their field or expand their expertise.

What are the 2 types of scholarships?

The 2 types of scholarships provided by the Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants are the Rotary Peace Fellowship 2025–26 and the Rotary Foundation Global Grants 2024 scholarship.

What is the benefit of getting Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants?

A minimum of $30,000 is needed for a worldwide grant scholarship. This money can be used for travel expenses (which are specified in the award terms and conditions), vaccinations, and a passport or visa. Home goods, school supplies, tuition, lodging and board, and language instruction (but not if university admission is contingent on language competency development).

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