This Day in History – January 13

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January 13

The historical events remind us of the value of each day in human history. Every day we live, has had a significant event in history that reminds us how far we humans have come. From wars, truces, treaties, births, deaths, discoveries, breakthroughs, and much more, let’s recall the events that happened through the years on this day in history, January 13.

1435: Enslavement of Natives Forbidden by Pope Eugene IV
Sicut Dudum got enacted by Pope Eugene IV to forbade the enslavement of local natives in the Canary Islands.

1547: Earl of Surrey Sentenced for Treason
Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, wassentenced to death for treason, on the grounds of having quartered his arms to make them similar to those of the King Henry VIII of England.

1709: Marathas lost the Battle of Vadgaon from the Britishers
Putting a conclusion over the Battle of Vadgaon, Marathas got defeated by the British East India Company on January 13th, 1709.

1794: The US Flag got two new stars and stripes
The first U.S. President George Washington approved a measure adding two stars and two stripes to the American flag.

1849: The British forces retreat from the Sikhs in the Second Anglo-Sikh War
In the Battle of Chillianwala, the Second Anglo-Sikh War was mercilessly fought between the Britishers and the Sikhs.

1888: Founding of the National Geographic Society
The National Geographic Society was founded in Washington, D.C.

1897: Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa
Mahatma Gandhi was mobbed at Durban Airport.

1915: A Destructive Earthquake in Italy
A massive earthquake hit Italy, destroying the entire town of Avezzano.

1930: Mickey Mouse Comics Began!
“Mickey Mouse” comic strip 1st was uncovered on January 13, 1930.

1942: The First Aircraft Eject Seat During World War II
The first use of an aircraft ejection seat by a German test pilot in a Heinkel He 280 jet fighter.

1942: Automobile-Soybean Car Got Patented!
Henry Ford patented the plastic automobile – soybean car, 30% lighter than a regular car.

1943: Hitler Announced Total War
Adolf Hitler declared “Total War” against the Allies on January 13, 1943.

1951: Indo-China War
The First Indo-China War (The Battle of Vĩnh Yên) began on on January 13, 1951.

1957: Pluto Platters
Wham-O began the production of the Pluto Platters (Frisbees).

1974: 1984 by George Orwell
George Orwell’s acclaimed novel ‘1984’ got printed in West Virginia and was later published in June.

1985: Death of Madan Puri
Indian Actor Madan Puri died at the age of 70. He was the brother of Amrish Puri and featured in around 430 films in his career.

1990: The First Black Governor of the USA
L. Douglas Wilder of Virginia who was the nation’s first elected black governor took the oath of office in Richmond on January 13, 1990.

1999: Michael Jordan’s Retirement
Renowned Basketball Player, Michael Jordan announced his retirement from the NBA.

2001: El Salvador
An earthquake hit El Salvador which kills more than 800.

2009: Attack by Israel
Israel attacked the occupation of Gaza on January 13, 2009.

2020: Taal Volcano
Taal Volcano in the Philippines erupted lava fountains.

Famous Birthdays

  • Guangwu of Han, the Chinese Emperor
  • Rakesh Sharma, Indian Cosmonaut, Former Indian Air Force pilot and Wing Commander 
  • Liam Hemsworth, Australian Actor
  • Nabaneeta Dev Sen, Indian Writer and Poet
  • Shonda Rhimes, American Producer

These were the most historical events that happened in world history on January 13. Stay tuned to Leverage Edu for more such educational content and give us a follow on LinkedInYoutubeFacebookQuora and Instagram

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