How To Crack CAT In First Attempt

How to Crack CAT?

Every year a large number of students prepare and apply for the CAT exam which is conducted by IIM with the hopes to study in the best business schools of the country. Cut-throat competition to secure a seat in IIMs or any other top-rated MBA college has increased the stress on aspirants. To excel in the exam there are various tips and tricks which can help you secure a good score and hence land you at a college of your dreams. The essential question of how to crack CAT is foremost when you have a firm thought of taking the exam. This blog will guide you with some advantageous ways regarding how to crack CAT.

Step 1: Investigation 

The primary step for clearing any exam is to analyze the pattern of the exam along with a detailed inspection of your weaknesses and strengths. The preparation for the exam need not be perfect around every sphere but you should ace on the areas where you lack. You must try magnifying your potential and hence save time in the sections of your strengths. Following are the three main sections of the CAT exam:

First of all list all the topics that come under each section separately and then bifurcate the list into sub-topics for a better analysis. This list can work out as your major step of starting your journey towards how to crack CAT. Divide each topic into three categories that are, strong, mediocre and weak. Getting to know your weaknesses and strong points is not an easy task, it requires great help through which you may frame them out. The best way to do this is to take tests and then analyze your test data so that you will know where your scores are consistent. 

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STEP 2: Operation 

After getting through the analysis part you should start with your plan of action. You should regularly practice and revise strong areas to create a better grip on them. Whereas the topics you quoted under mediocre, need attention and great practice. The topics listed under the weak category must not only be practiced but also revised at regular intervals of time. Students should keep in mind that the mere practice of taking tests is not helpful until your concepts are clear. Following is the section-wise details for how to crack CAT: 

  • Quantitative Aptitude: This section can be aced by having your fundamentals and concepts thoroughly clear. Also, you have to make sure that the set of questions you practice is progressing at regular intervals from easy to difficult. 
  • Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning: To excel in the Data Interpretation section of the exam you must go through a lot of practice of the demo tests. With a lot of practices and revision, you will get a hold on the calculation part of the questions which can be really time-consuming for you otherwise. Under this field, each question is very distinct and may require an innovative trick to solve it, so you should have ample practice. While the Logical Reasoning Section is full of puzzles hence as a student aspiring How to Crack CAT, the only possible way to master it is a constant practice.
  • Verbal Ability: To master this section you must have a strong command on the speaking and reading abilities. Developing the habit of reading quality content is not an easy task but you must start this practice as soon as you can. Topics like cloze tests, vocabulary and critical reasoning should be regularly practised.

STEP 3: Revision and Practice

We can understand that you must be feeling that the word ‘practice’ is hackneyed used in this blog but it is the only key that can unlock your dream of having a prestigious MBA degree. Long gone is the era where hard work was the synonym of success but in this new age, the ladder to achieve a set target is build through several steps of smart working. Start planning your weekly and monthly schedules. In a week’s time make sure you get a  hold of one of your weak areas. To convert your preparation into tangible targets you need to acme the learning and practising part. 

How to Crack CAT: Tips & Tricks

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After adapting this 3 step plan you can then add these tips into your schedule which will work as a cherry on the cake: 

  • The better you know the exam the better you will be able to extract out the result from it.
  • You should always seek for a reliable source for your study material as some uncertified books can create confusion.
  • Internet being so easily accessible can work as your anytime buddy especially for your late-night queries.
  • There are several mock tests available online through which you can practice a plethora of questions that can help to tackle how to crack CAT.

Through this blog, we have given you a go-to guide for how to crack CAT and we hope that you shine out with your CAT score. You can also make your dream of pursuing MBA come true by seeking admission to top B-schools of the world through the GMAT exam. To know the process of how to apply to universities abroad, contact Leverage Edu and we will help you build a great career, 

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