Study abroad: Finland universities to boost flow of international students with D-visa

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Study abroad: Finland universities to boost flow of international students with D-visa
The Finland government has announced that they will speed up the entry of international students through the D-visa. This will help all international students with study abroad programme choose Finland universities without any restrictions.

To promote the labour-based immigration and education system and enhance the entry procedure’s transparency, Finland’s government has enhanced the use of the D-visa so that researchers and students can spend more time in the country. This will allow international students to pursue their study abroad dream in Finland. 

When you have a D-visa, you can enter the country immediately after your residency permit has been granted. The long-term D-visa of Finland will be implemented to researchers, students, organisations, and family members of these people. 

The Finland Embassy of India stated that the Finnish Immigration Service would come up with D-visas as per the favourable decisions of the residence permit. Therefore, people who have a residency permit for Finland would be able to move to the country sooner. This is because they don’t need to wait for the residence permit card while completing their education abroad

Instead, the government will attach a visa sticker to the document which will help them gain the right of entry to the country. This will not only help students with their studies at Finland universities but also work and research on time. As a result, the attractiveness of Finland would enhance. 

Additionally, if you’re a resident permit holder and your card has been stolen, lost, or expire, you can also be issued a D-visa, which will allow you to enter the country. This will work as an amendment to the Aliens Act, which will allow the Minster of Foreign Affairs to grant different types of temporary residence permits to people with diplomatic family backgrounds. 

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