Study Abroad: Compared to last 8 years, students are applying to foreign colleges at a higher rate

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An assessment revealed the most recent trends for college applicants and study abroad aspirants.

According to a study published by the Common App, students are applying to colleges more frequently than they were previously. Through it, one may observe the behaviour patterns of the students who are submitting a significant number of applications and identify the colleges that are witnessing an increase in the number of applications submitted to study abroad.

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Over time, the Common Application has grown in significance to students’ application processes. It presently has more than 1,000 member colleges and in 2021–2022 it processed applications from more than 1.2 million different applicants. The data revealed that, on average, applicants filed 6.22 applications in the 2021–22 admissions cycle, up from 4.63 in the previous cycle.

Most students use the platform to apply to five or fewer colleges, nevertheless. The majority of high-volume candidates are applying to elite private universities.

Between 2014–15 and 2021–22, the percentage of students applying to more than 10 colleges increased dramatically, from 8% to 17%. People that apply to more universities tend to be wealthy and have access to higher education, including early admission applicants, study abroad aspirants, and private high school graduates. 

In terms of test results, pupils that perform well submit more college applications. Higher Ed Dive reported that compared to candidates who submitted five or fewer applications, high-volume applicants were eight times more likely to submit test scores when applying to institutions that permitted them to do so. Additionally, compared to their colleagues with lesser application volumes, these applicants scored 130 points higher on average.

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