Class 10 ICSE Maths

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Class 10 ICSE Maths

Mathematics is, in its own way, the poetry of logical ideas. Dreaded by many, the word Mathematics sends shivers down the spines of the children. Considered as a subject full of challenges and difficulties, maths test the critical thinking abilities and problem-solving skills of the students. And when a subject like this is taught as per the curriculum of the ICSE board, things get even tougher! Therefore, if you have recently appeared for the class 9 ICSE Maths and want to ace the 10th maths exam like a pro then you need to have clarity of syllabus, a good grasp on the concepts, and exceptional analytical reasoning skills. To help you get through it easily, we, through this blog will provide you with all the information pertinent to class 10 ICSE Maths.

Class 10 ICSE Maths: Exam Pattern

When you start preparing for an exam and a debate sparks in your mind regarding hard work vs smart work, it is advised to work smartly so as to get a hang of the exact pattern of the exam. Knowing the exam pattern and syllabus will help you strategize the topics accordingly so that you do not waste your time in something which doesn’t have a heavy weightage. Given below is the exam pattern of the class 10 ICSE Maths: 

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The class 10 ICSE Maths lasts for two and a half hours and carries 100 marks in all. This includes 80 marks of written exam and the rest 20 marks are awarded as per the performance in the Internal Assessment. The exam is divided into 2 main sections carrying 40 marks each and has been given a rundown below: 

  • Section I of class 10 ICSE Maths is a compulsory part and comprises of short answer type questions.
  • Section II consists of choice-based questions wherein the students will have to answer any four questions out of the given seven. 

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What is Covered in the Syllabus?

Let us a have quick look at all the seven units included in class 10 ICSE Maths syllabus through this table given below: 

S. NoUnitTopics in Class 10 ICSE Maths
1.Commercial MathsValue Added Tax
Shares and Dividend
2.AlgebraLinear Equations
Quadratic Equations in One Variable
Ratio and Proportion Problems
Factorization of Polynomials
Arithmetic and Geometric Progression
Coordinate Geometry
4.MensurationArea and volume of solids
Three-dimensional solids
5.TrigonometryUsing identities to prove/solve simple algebraic trigonometric expressions
Heights and Distances
Computation and Graphical representation of statistics
7.ProbabilityDefinition of Probability
Random Experiments
Sample Space
Simple Problems of Single Events

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[Bonus Section] How To Ace Class 10 ICSE Maths?

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As we know, while mathematics gives nightmares to some students, for others, it is just a piece of cake. Enlisted are some of the most useful tips and tricks on how you can ace your class 10 ICSE Maths and take the first step towards achieving your dreams:  

  • Maths demands a lot of practice and it is thus advised to give as many mock papers as possible. Solve questions from your textbooks as well as other reference books to get a hold on the methods to solve the question. After all, “Practice makes a man perfect!”
  • Mere ability to solve mathematical problems would do you no good. Solving questions in the stipulated time is what is necessary and this is possible only if you practice on a regular basis. Going by the time allotted would help you ace your class 10 ICSE maths exam like a pro!
  • Be it equations or mensuration formulas, It is important to write down all the important formulas on sticky notes or register that can be glanced through easily. You can also stick the sheets on your study table so that you can revise the identities and recall all the mathematical formulas easily.
  • If you do not have much time left for your examination, it is advised not to pick up a new topic. Rather, strengthen the concepts of those topics you have already studied by practicing them well. 
  • Take adequate rest and the right amount of healthy food before your examination. Abnormality in any of these factors may lead to discrepancies in your concentration.

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Thus, to score well in this exam, it is important to understand the class 10 ICSE Maths syllabus in-depth. “Don’t limit your challenge, challenge your limits.” We believe that every student has the potential to do better in whatever field they choose and achieve big in life. Getting the right education and the drift is all you need! If you are struggling to find the most suitable stream or the subjects and are in need of a good educational counselling then connect to us at Leverage Edu where the experts through a brainstorming counselling session will help you choose the right career path!

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