Johns Hopkins University: Fun Facts

John Hopkins University: Fun Facts
John Hopkins University: Fun Facts

Ranked as #25 in the QS World Universities Rankings 2021 and as #9 National University, it is none other than the famous research institution popularly known as John Hopkins University of USA. With an acceptance rate of just 11%, John Hopkins is hailed as the first and one of the best US research universities which is still running and operating. It invests the maximum money into research than any other US educational institution. Roughly 70 per cent of undergraduates at Hopkins do research. The Provost’s Undergraduate Research Awards, Johns Hopkins Medicine Summer Internship Programs, and the JHU IGEM Team are just a few of the unique research opportunities at Hopkins. With almost 3,000+ international students from 120+ countries, the university offers a truly global and diverse environment for students to pursue their higher education and do research. Also, the university has a presence in more than 150 countries globally including Italy, Singapore, France, and Argentina, and offers an extensive study abroad program as well. Johns Hopkins University remains a world leader in both teaching and research, with more than 21,000 Undergraduate and Graduate students studying with esteemed faculty members across nine world-class academic divisions including Humanities, Engineering, Arts and Music, Business, Natural and Social Sciences, International Studies, Health, and Education. Check out this video to know 5 amazing fun facts about John Hopkins University with Leverage Edu.

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