List of Important Vocab Words for IELTS

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List of Important Vocab Words for IELTS

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a popular English test which is taken by students who want to go abroad for higher education or for employment purposes. This test assesses the candidate’s English based on four parameters: reading, writing, speaking and listening. The candidates are judged on their vocabulary and how well they can express themselves using various words. In this blog, you will find


Vocab Words for IELTS with their Usage

A candidate is tested based on how well they can communicate using different words and how vast his/her vocabulary is. This also means that the candidate needs to pronounce the words properly without any hesitation. The candidate giving this test must also note that they should have a grasp of the vocabulary and use it wisely wherever they can in order to get a good score. 

Here is a list of all the words which can be used for the IELTS exam and at the same time will widen your vocabulary:

Word Meaning Example
For exampleUsed to introduce something My cat Edward is learning many tricks, for example, he can sit, roll and jump.
AlthoughIn spite of the factAlthough I disliked the detective, however, I was equally impressed. 
Another reasonUsed to say that there is another reason for somethingAnother reason is that global warming is also increasing. 
These daysPresent TimeThese days it is very important whom to trust.
In the pastGone by in time or no longer existing In the past, many children died of pneumonia.
On the contraryUsed to intensify denialIt wasn’t a good thing, on the contrary, it was a huge mistake.

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Tips to Prepare for Vocab Words for IELTS

A candidate must be well-prepared when going to appear for the exam. Therefore, it is very important that the candidate keeps in mind some tips and tricks which will help him/her in their preparation journey. Here is the list of all the tips:

  • Get a dictionary and try to learn one word every day.
  • Make sure you read newspapers and magazines which will help you in learning new words as well as improve your general knowledge.
  • Try to watch English movies, talk shows and TV dramas, this is more like killing two birds with one stone.
  • Read books on several topics such as tech, entertainment, climate change and much more.
  • Try to learn synonyms for commonly used words.
  • Listen to sample IELTS speaking tests which will give you a fair idea as to how a test is conducted.

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How can I improve my English vocabulary for the IELTS?

To improve your English for the IELTS exam, it is very important that you frequently read English material, watch English movies or it can also educational videos, English documentaries, write a journal in English where you write about how the day went by and start conversing in English.

How many words should I have in my English vocabulary in order to pass my IELTS?

In order to pass your IELTS English test, the candidate will need to learn 6000-7000 most used words in order to widen their vocabulary. Remember that these words should cover all the aspects of nature so that you will be able to talk about any given topic.

Is the IELTS test difficult to clear?

Well, the exam is tough for only those people who do not come prepared for it using the exam prep tools.

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