TOEFL Daily Academic Discussion Topic- Your professor is teaching a class on computer science.

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TOEFL Daily Academic Discussion Topic- Your professor is teaching a class on computer science.

Brainstorming Ideas

a) AI in healthcare aids in early disease diagnosis, offering numerous advantages.

b) AI saves lives by enhancing patient care in healthcare.

c) AI makes learning accessible to students, transforming education.

d) AI saves fuel by optimizing routes and avoiding traffic congestion in transportation.

e) While AI can pose privacy threats when used responsibly, it has the potential to positively impact people’s lives. 

ielts brainstorming ideas

Q. Your professor is teaching a class on computer science. Write a post responding to the professor’s question. 

In your response, you should do the following:

  • Express and support your personal opinion
  • Contribute to the discussion in your own words

An effective response will contain at least 100 words.

“A new story about Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in the news almost every day.  And, of course, companies are spending an enormous amount of money to develop new technologies related to AI.  Before the next class, I want you to consider the following question: Is AI a dangerous technology that, overall, will be harmful to society, or is it a powerful tool that will improve the lives of people?”

Megan: I think AI is a threat. As AI advances, many jobs may become automated, leaving people without work. That will certainly increase income inequality. Additionally, there’s the risk that AI systems could be programmed with biases or used to discriminate against certain groups. We need to be careful and ensure that AI is developed ethically and responsibly.  Since we can’t guarantee that right now, I think it is best to slow down.

David: I’m afraid I have to disagree with Megan. I think that AI has the potential to solve many of the world’s problems, from climate change to disease. Additionally, AI can help us make better decisions by analyzing vast amounts of data and identifying patterns humans may miss. That said, I agree with Megan that we must ensure that AI is developed and used in a responsible way that benefits society as a whole.

Ans: Artificial intelligence is a boon to the lives of people as it helps improve their standard of living by revolutionising various industry sectors Firstly, its role has been beneficial in healthcare by providing early diagnosis of undetectable diseases leading to further prevention and treatment plans. Thus, AI has been saving lives and improving patient care. Secondly, in the education sector, AI has helped in doing research for various subjects and making education more accessible to students.

Besides, AI can help in optimising routes and improving transportation experiences. For example, Google Maps helps us navigate lesser traffic routes and reach our destinations without any hassle and in less time. With the assistance provided by AI, more fuel gets saved and global issues such as climate change can be addressed. Therefore, AI is not a threat or a potential danger. It is a tool carrying immense potential to impact many people’s lives. 

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