TOEFL Daily Reading Task – Vocabulary Questions Task 1 (Light As a Photon)

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TOEFL Daily Reading Topic - Vocabulary Questions
TOEFL Daily Reading Topic – Vocabulary Questions

Read the Following Passage and Answer Accordingly.

Light as a Photon

The electromagnetic wave model of light (as formulated by Maxwell) was one of the great triumphs of nineteenth-century science. In 1887, when Heinrich Hertz actually made invisible electromagnetic waves (what today are called radio waves) on one side of a room and detected them on the other side, it ushered in a new era that led to the modern age of telecommunications. His experiment ultimately led to the technologies of television, cell phones, and today’s wireless networks around the globe.

However, by the beginning of the twentieth century, more sophisticated experiments had revealed that light behaves in certain ways that cannot be explained by the wave model. Reluctantly, physicists had to accept that sometimes light behaves more like a “particle”—or at least a self-contained packet of energy—than a wave. We call such a packet of electromagnetic energy a photon.

Q. The word sophisticated in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to …

The word means _________

  1. Refined
  2. Basic
  3. Intelligent
  4. Serious

Correct Answer: 1

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