TOEFL Daily Reading Task – Reference Questions Task 1 (Technological Globalisation)

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Read the following passage and answer accordingly.

Technological Globalisation

Technological globalisation is impacted in large part by technological diffusion, the spread of technology across borders. In the last two decades, there has been rapid improvement in the spread of technology to peripheral and semi-peripheral nations, and a 2008 World Bank report discusses both the benefits and ongoing challenges of this diffusion. In general, the report found that technological progress and economic growth rates were linked and that the rise in technological progress has helped improve the situations of many living in absolute poverty. The report recognises that rural and low-tech products such as corn can benefit from new technological innovations, and that, conversely, technologies like mobile banking can aid those whose rural existence consists of low-tech market vending. In addition, technological advances in areas like mobile phones can lead to competition, lowered prices, and concurrent improvements in related areas such as mobile banking and information sharing.


Q. The words ‘this diffusion‘ refers to …

A. The spread of technology

B. A 2008 World Bank report

C. The last two decades

D. Rapid improvement


Tips To Remember

1. Make certain that your answer to a reference question concerning a pronoun aligns consistently with both the number (singular or plural) and case (first person, second person, third person) of the highlighted pronoun.

2. Substitute the highlighted word or words with your chosen option in the sentence. Evaluate whether it violates any grammar rules and ensures a logical and coherent meaning.

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