TOEFL Listening: Listening Task 12 ( Function Questions)

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TOEFL Listening: Listening Task 12 ( Function Questions)

These questions typically focus on a specific section of the passage, sometimes even a single word. They involve playing a segment of the recording that relates to the question’s topic and then replaying only that particular topic.


Function questions are typically phrased as follows:

  • What does the professor imply when he says this? 
  • Why does the student say this? 
  • What does the professor mean when she says this?

Tips to Remember

  • The function of what is said may not match what the speaker directly states.
  • Understand the context
  • Identify the real meaning of the statement 
  • Identify what the speaker may be doing- directing, recommending, complaining, agreeing/disagreeing, questioning or confirming.

Why does the professor say this?

a. To explain a historical example of a thermal hazard

b. To give the students an example they are likely familiar with

c. To prove that thermal hazards are relevant

d. To highlight the dangers of thermal hazards

Correct Answer: B

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