Study Abroad: US Embassy to Increase Visa Appointment Slots This Year; Read More

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The US embassy will increase visa applications appointment this year. The student visa application doubled from 2021 to 2022

The US Embassy is planning to increase visa appointment slots this summer to accommodate students. Brendan Mullarkey of the US Embassy says that the demand might rise in the year 2023. The visa fee increased by INR 2000, starting as of 30 May. 


Nearly 2 lakh students travelled to the US for higher education in the year 2022 according to immigration services. Ten thousand slots will open for June and July in the coming weeks. 

All the application material must entail the correct information as the applicant will be responsible for the same, as stated by Mullarkey. It isn’t necessary to work with an agent to fix the student visa appointment, Mullarkey added. 

Study Abroad: US Embassy to Increase Visa Appointment Slots This Year; Read More

Advice for Visa Appointment by Mullarkey

The process can be daunting. Therefore, students have to prepare themselves and keep an elevator pitch ready for the appointment. Students should listen carefully to the questions asked and provide genuine, clear answers, as stated by Mullarkey. 

Applicants should prepare themselves to talk about why they want to study at their chosen university. Also, how they are going to manage their expenses. Students should also be able to explain to the interviewer where the funds are coming from for their education. 

Students should prepare for their interview with their Form I-20, Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (fee receipt) and application confirmation document. Therefore, the Form I-20 will be the proof that the applicant is enrolled in an accredited college. 

The application season in 2022 was a busy one, so the embassy decided for a second chance to students. So, the chance will be given to those who were not able to book a slot or whose applications were rejected. 

Mullarkey also says, “However, in the interest of fairness, we are committed to providing as many qualified students as possible with a first chance to interview before we open appointments for some students to interview a second time.”

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