Study Abroad in Finland: Joint Application Break Records

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Joint Application Received by International students in huge numbers, mostly Bangladeshi and Nigerian students has applied for applications!

International students moving abroad to Finland are in bulk numbers. Surprisingly, 61,000 applications were received in the Country’s Joint application number. As per the trend in 2022, the estimated number of applications received was around 32,000. 


Additionally, while International Students can apply for 6 study abroad programs with just one application then also, approximately 53,000 applications of joint applications were received by International students. 

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Across Finland, there was active student recruitment and country branding work. Moreover, in Finland, there was a reform of permanent residency for students in the spring season of 2022, so basically it was presumed that there will be increased demand for applications by International Students. While there was a sudden change in the permanent residency for students by the legislation of Finland so students also suffered from visa delays and related issues. Majorly applied sciences universities suffered due to the backlogs. The biggest nationalities applying to Finland according to recent data are Bangladeshi and Nigeria, whereas students applying to Finland were from outside Finland and the numbers doubled as per the previous year.

Study Abroad in Finland: Joint Application Breaks Record

Additionally, it was found that it is easier for students to apply for a program in the Joint Application in Spring Season with the digital entrance examination. This can also be considered one of the reasons for the increased demand for applications. Despite there being issues with the visa applications, it caused a bottleneck in the number of applications received.

Moreover, data also reveals that as per the trend in 2022, there were 1,000 more places compared with 7,400 study places that were available in 369 programs and showed as applications continued to stream in Finland’s competitiveness.

A negative interpretation made is the data does not show the application number for outside joint application schemes. 

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